Monday, July 11, 2011

Introducing Drew...

Oh, boy! Drew was definetly a suprise, but he was the BEST suprise that you could ask for! I had a pretty easy pregnancy, so I thought.....I had lots of "morning/all day sickness" at the beginning, but that went away! Towards the end of the pregnancy, I think I was about 7 1/2-8 months pregnant, I spent some time in the hospital with high blood pressure. I blame my mother for this! She actually called the hospital and had a nurse call me to tell me to come into the hospital to get checked out. So I did, and they kept me! I ended up having preclampsia, which is high blood pressure in pregnancy. Boy was that NO FUN!!!! They released me, then I was back a week later..this time they didn't let me leave! And to make it even more fun, it was in the middle of my finals for school! Ahhh!!! But of course, my teachers understood and I took them a month later. But anywho...I had been doing pretty good on weight gain, only gaining a little over 20 pounds...but boy did that change once I stayed in the hospital! I gained 10 pounds OVERNIGHT!! This sickness I had was no joke! They ended up inducing me 3 weeks early because my blood pressure was so bad. I remember in labor the top number being around 225! No joke! I was so sick during labor because of my blood pressure. I was all drugged up with nausea meds, blood pressure meds, etc... About 2:45 am on May 10, 2007 it was time to start pushing! I pushed for less than 10 minutes and he was here! The doctor kind of helped by pulling him out. My mother was about to pass out because my blood pressure was sky rocketing, so she left the room to get a drink thinking she had enough time to get back before he was born..nope, she walked in right after he was out! But thank god for my mother! Gosh, I definetly needed her during this! So after all the scariness of the labor Andrew Paul Barrington was finally here!!! Born at 3:09 am...May 10, 2007 weighing 5 lbs 11 oz!!

I fell in love instantly!

I had never loved someone so much! It was such a wonderful feeling! He was my life! And he was perfect!

To me, he was just the most awesome little baby! Just at only a few weeks old he attended his first Cardinal Game! This was very important to Daddy! And we even went to Fredbirds locker thanks to my dad to meet Fredbird!

Of course, we had to make it to a few more Cardinal Games that summer!

The more he grew, I think the more I feel in love with him!

Along came fall for Mommy's 2nd favorite time of the year! HALLOWEEN! Mommy decided he would be Mickey Mouse and Mommy would be Minnie! :) His outfit turned out perfect! He was the cutest little Mickey!

Time went on to to his first Thanksgiving! We celebrated with family!

Now, Mommys FAVORITE time of the year! CHRISTMAS! Of course this baby boy was soooo spoiled at Christmas! Who wouldn't want to spoil his precious sweet little face?!?! He had a wonderful first Christmas!!!

Leigh Bedokis was wonderful to do his 6 month pictures! We did it Christmas style of  course! :)

I hang this picture up year round because I love it so much!!

Then comes Spring! Drew enjoyed his first Easter!

One year has went by and it was the most fabulous year EVER! I couldn't have asked for anything better than being a Mommy! I found the reason I was put on this earth and that was to be a Mother. Then it was time to celebrate Baby Drew's 1st Birthday! That year went by quickly! We celebrated out at Cannon Park in Carterville. We stuck with the baby elephant theme to honor Grandma Louese who passed away just a few weeks after Drew was born.

 This big boy starting walked just days before his first birthday!! He thought it was hilarous!!


Now, Drew is 4 years old with a personality all his own! He is into sports, Cars, WWE wrestling, trains...He started Pre-K last fall and he has grown up so much. It makes me both sad and happy to look back at the first year of his life. Sad because he's no longer a baby, but happy because I enjoy watching him grow and learn new things each and every day! He is an amazing child! I couldn't imagine my life without him! 

Brista Barrington

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