Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Mario and Luigi Halloween

For Halloween last year I was so wanting the boys to be the Mario Brothers, but Drew was determined to be Buzz and, how could I upset him and make him be something else??? BUT this year came around and to my suprise Drew wanted to be Mario and Luigi! Boy did this make me one happy Mommy!

Since Drew's first Halloween we have made it a tradition to go downtown to walk in the Pumpkin Path Parade. I am an old school girl that likes to stick with the same tradition each year! After the parade we walk back through and trick or treat at each of the different stores located downtown. Much safer than going to strangers doors. We never had this kind of thing growing up where I am from, so it is nice to have something like this for my kids to look forward to each year!

This year Drew's Pre-K Halloween Party fell on the same day as Trick or Treat, so this lucky guy got to be Mario all day!! 

I think I definitely had the cutest Mario and Luigi!!!

We joined our friends and their kids downtown to walk in the parade with us! Lots of fun!
Here is Gavin as a Cow!! This is his first year in Carterville!!

Meyer as a cute little Owl!

Knox as Mickey Mouse! His favorite! :)

This was also Keegan (army man) and Hudson's (shark) first year at the Carterville Halloween Parade!

And here is Drew and his friend Drake! They are such great buddies!

What a great time celebrating Halloween this year!! Dylan was so excited to open his candy when we got home! ( Imagine that! )

It's kind of bittersweet not getting to be able to choose their Halloween costumes anymore! But at least I get to have fun making them!! :) Now, wonder what Drew is scheming up for next year?!??! Whatever it is, I will be sure to make it look cute! At least I got my wish of having them as Mario and Luigi!!!!

Brista Barrington

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