Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tis the Season to expand our family!

My most favorite time of the year?!?! CHRISTMAS!! I love the holidays!! However, this year it didn't feel like Christmas. I blame the weather! It was way too warm for the holidays! 

Christmas was so great this year! I think it gets better and better each year! The holidays are so much more fun whenever you have kiddos to celebrate with! This was Drew's first year that he would sit on Santa's lap. ( Dylan-not so much!) We probably seen Santa about 4 times this year, just because he loved it so much. He told Santa each time that he wanted "little wrestlers" and "a steel cage." We also made our own list at home which included a BLACK DOG. It was a very tough decision to decide if Santa would be bringing a black dog or not. Dogs are big commitments and I am not a big fan of them, BUT we decided we would do it!

After getting some help from my Dad we found the perfect little dog for the boys! A black labrador!! The breeder agreed to wait until Christmas Eve to let us pick her up, which was so nice of her! Christmas Eve morning, Daddy left about 6am and drove to Princeton, IN to pick her up!! Thank goodness Daddy drove and got her, because if Mommy had to do it, we probably wouldn't have a dog! LOL!

Once Justin got home, we hid her at Justin's parents house for the day. We don't really do much for Christmas Eve so we hung out at the house all day and baked some cookies for Santa! (I am not a baker by any means, so of course we bought the pre-made dough that you just cut up! ) 

They had a GREAT time making cookies! However, Mommy left Daddy in charge of getting them out of the oven while I ran to check on the dog..Came home to the smell of BURNT cookies!! Sorry Santa!! :)

And someone decided to eat the reindeer's carrots too..BUSTED!

Christmas Eve night we celebrate Christmas with Justin's family. So after baking cookies, we headed out to celebrate!

Each year Santa makes an appearance and has an early gift for each kid. Drew sang Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer with him. And Dylan..well just look at the picture and you can tell how he was feeling about the guy! 

Once we got home, the boys crashed quickly! They must of been super excited Santa was coming!!

We had to wake the boys up Christmas morning otherwise the sleepy heads would have slept until 10 am! Once they walked into the room, Drew just kind of stood there in shock maybe?!? He was super quiet about the dog. He just stared. He sat down beside her and we asked what he wanted to name her, of course he said "Sugar." Then he noticed some Power Ranger mask and was off..he didn't care about the dog anymore! Really Drew?? After all that hard work trying to hide her and all the excitement I built up for this morning and a Power Rangers mask is more interesting?!? UGH!! Oh well, Dylan took to her real well! Dylan sat beside her the whole time we opened presents! :)

Of course, there were many other gifts besides the new puppy!! Drew, still a big WWE wrestling fan, LOVED all of his new wrestling gifts!

Overall, Christmas was fantastic!! They boys LOVED all their presents!! Dylan followed Sugar around all day. He loved to show her his new gifts including this Power Rangers mask...

Here are a few more pictures of the boys with Sugar...

After opening Santa's presents, we all got ready to head out for the day. Our Christmas day is anything but relaxing. We head straight to Justin's parents for lunch and presents and then my mother's house in Harrisburg late afternoon for dinner and presents there. Needless to say we are always exhausted by the end of the day!!! 

Here is our first family photo with Sugar!!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!!!!!!!
Brista Barrington