Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It's time to finally reveal DREWMANIA 5!!!

(This was totally in my WWE announcing voice!)

I had such a great time planning this party! What made it even more fun was that Drew helped me every step of the way!

As much as my son LOVES the WWE, his Mama didn't know much about it. So I had to have his help to incorporate those fine little details that are oh so important to me!

His favorite project was naming all of the foods after a WWE Wrestler. I kept the food simple. Just sandwiches, chips, fruit, and some desserts.

Drew's Menu included:
John Cena Smores
CM Punk Popcorn
The Big Show Sandwiches
Rey Mysterio White Chocolate Oreos
Zack Ryder Rice Krispie Treats
Shawn Michael's Fruit
Triple H Dip

My favorite was the John Cena Smores! I had DrewMania chocolate bar wrappers made at Party 411.
 You can find their website here.

And since I am a newbie to Photoshop, I created these food labels as well. I downloaded some FREE Wrestlmania Font and Viola!!

I also used the DrewMania Candy Bars as a favor for the kids along with some homemade wrestling coloring books and WWE tattoos.

The coloring books were very easy to make. I just printed off some free coloring pages off of the Internet and added some pretty ribbon to hold them together.

And what kind of party would it be without some cute decor?!?!

I  got these wonderful wrestling cut outs and DrewMania signs also from Party 411.

I attached the cut outs to a wooden stick and stuck them in a foam cube that I wrapped with silver wrapping paper. To cover up where I had wrapped the box, I simply glued red metallic party shred to the top of the box and it added a little bit more of decor!

I also made some wrestling sayings that Drew picked out and framed them for the dessert table.
Drew picked out his favorite:

"You Can't See Me"
"The Time is Now"

For each child's place setting, I wrapped up their silverware in a napkin with mini wresting championship belts that I found on EBay.

I also included pretty plastic milk bottles with the newly popular striped paper straws for the kiddos to drink out of. You can find those here from Shop Sweet Lulu. I ordered most of the supplies for the party from this website.

The most amazing part of the party was the surprise we had for Drew!!

 Who needs a clown when we can bring in a wrestler?!?!

We hired a wrestler to come in and have his own match with Drew!!
I could have just done this for Drew and it would have made my day!
He was so thrilled and has an absolute BLAST!!

To make it even more cool, the wrestler was fresh back from his first WWE appearance! Like, the REAL WWE!!! Like, he wrestled in the REAL WWE RING!!

How awesome is that?

I really do not think this day could have gone any more perfect!

Drew's favorite present was from Mommy, Daddy, and Dylan...we are headed back to Monday Night Raw in St. Louis in July!! He is PUMPED!


Secret Party Planning Tip from the Party Fanatic Herself:

I always use cloth tablecloths. However, I do not spend the fortune of money on each tablecloth. I simply buy a queen size flat sheet and use it is a tablecloth. I have luckily always found my sheets at Wal-Mart for $7.
I find that it is cheaper to buy these sheets to use multiple times than spending $2-$3 for a plastic tablecloth that you are just going to use once and throw away.
 I have a great supply of tablecloths building up in my closet!

Brista Barrington

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I wanted to do a quick little showing of Drew's Birthday Party!!

I do not have too many pictures because a friend of mine who is starting up a photography business was so kind to take pictures during the party for me which made my day so much less stressful!
My goodness, it was so nice!

If you are like me in any way about parties and like to have a gizzillion pictures and also would like to be in them and not spend the whole party trying to make sure you get the great pictures, but also try to enjoy the party at the same time (ahhhhh!!) , then I recommend contacting Danielle!

Here is her Facebook link:

This party was so fun to do!! 

I am so proud to say that I did everything myself!! I used to order cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, etc off of Etsy, but now between my Cricut and Photoshop I can now do these all by myself!!

I did, however, order the half bodies of the wrestlers and Drewmania chocolate bar covers from Party411

Can't wait to share the rest of the details with you!!

Brista Barrington

Sunday, May 13, 2012


I can not believe it has been five years since I was blessed with the most amazing thing on Earth. 
I know I say that a lot, but I truly believe it from the bottom of my heart. 

Never could I have imagined five years ago that I would love this child even more than the day he was born. I love him more and more every single day. Who knew the heart could love this much?

He amazes me every single day. I can look at him and he just makes my heart tingle.

And who also knew that he would be this obsessed with the WWE?!?! My goodness, I have seen nothing like it!

We had to take a trip to St. Louis on his birthday for some family medical problems. So we got a hotel, which the boys love to do, and stayed for the night.

Dylan took along his floaties to swim at the hotel, but the hotel's pool was not open, so this bright little child decided to swim in the tub..

We celebrated Drew's birthday at the zoo!
We really had only been to the zoo one other time before and it was so cold, so it was nice to go on a nice day. The weather was perfect and it was a great day.

Drew became our little tour guide.

He was very excited to see both the elephants and penguins..

The boys had  GREAT time in the Children's Zoo!

And you can not visit the zoo without a train ride. This was their favorite part!

 Dylan sat in his seat with his little hands crossed the whole train ride. Is this all it takes to make him sit still?!?!

Once we got home from the zoo Drew decided he wanted to roast hot dogs and s'mores for dinner.
So, that is exactly what we did.

It was a perfect birthday for an amazing little boy! I can not wait to see how much he has grown up on his 6th Birthday!!

We celebrated his birthday a few days later with family and friends and I can't wait to do a recap of his party!!!

Brista Barrington

Monday, May 7, 2012


One of the most dreadful times of year: SWIMSUIT SHOPPING.
Well, at least for me anyways.
Can swim suit shops have models that are normal sizes because let's be honest: not every woman looks like Victoria Secret model.

A friend of mine just introduced me to this swimsuit shop on Etsy and I am in LOVE!


Her swimwear is very reasonably priced and so cute and unique as well.

I'm loving this one:

However, I have had two kids and my body is in no shape to be showing off my goods (or mostly bads) in a two piece...

So, I am digging this one as well....

And I am LOVING these bottoms...

If swimsuit shopping does not motivate you to lose weight, I don't know what does.

Why can't I be like these two little boys and not have a care in the world???


Brista Barrington