Thursday, June 7, 2012

Someone HELP!


My two year old.....almost three year old....going on 16 year old is CRAZY!!

I love love love him to death and am so thankful that he does not have temper tantrums, but my gosh this child is a little daredevil! He is not scared of a thing! Far ways away from Mama who is scared of everything! Like, he has no fear in him whatsoever.

Lately, he has been into running onto the field during his big brother's t-ball games. While trying to hold in my laughter watching him run through the middle of game, I get so angry. He is a fast little nugget and I don't want to be that mother who screams and yells at him in front of everyone at the game where everyone turns around and stares at you like you are an awful parent. So instead I sit there and wait for the god awful look that my husband is about to give me for "letting" him run onto the field.

Last game I told me husband that I needed to coach and he could chase this little guy around everywhere and not get to see the game. Of course that is not going to happen because I know ZIP about sports.

Thankfully, Saturday is our last game. I am thinking of investing in a child leash....just so I can sit and watch a whole game peacefully.

Then there is this "cannonball" phase that he is going through. He is a fish. He loves to swim. And he doesn't just love to swim in a swimming pool. He swims in the bathtub. Days that we are home all day he takes probably about 5 baths a day so he can swim.

 I can not tell you the last time I took a peaceful bath all by myself and when I do get to take a bath, it is usually in the morning when I am in a hurry for work and my bath tub water is filled up with Finding Nemo bath toys and floating ducks. Not cool. Then I hear the pitter patter of feet that sound oh so sweet until he comes rounding the corner of the door yelling "CANNONBALL" and heads straight for the tub. The tub that I am trying to oh so peacefully take a bath in.


Oh, and I have also been so excited about our vacation and planning a little dolphin cruise for the boys, but today I thought to myself:
"How in the world am I going to keep this child from jumping off of the side of the boat into the ocean yelling "CANNONBALL!" ???!??!?!

He keeps me on my toes at all times and his stories are hilarious to tell AFTER the fact.

I am bound to have my first gray hair soon.

Brista Barrington