Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meet the Riden's...

I am supposed to be using this blog to highlight important moments in my life to look back on and I totally forgot to talk about my sisters Wedding!!
Bad Sister Award Goes to Me!

My sister got married at the Virgin Islands July 17, 2012!!

It was a beautiful wedding. I'm obsessed with her wedding dress. I was not there for the wedding because they wanted it to be private with just them and their kids. So, BOO.

I woke up waiting all day for the text they got married so I could spill the secret. I was acting like a little child holding in this big secret!

FINALLY--I received this picture with a message:


It gave me goosebumps!!

Here are a few more pictures from their beautiful wedding day...

Chandler walked his Mommy down the aisle and gave her away...

The Kiss...

Meet the Riden's...Now a Family of 5!!

Next weekend is the wedding reception!!! This "Fake" Maid of Honor is so excited!! I am helping her with the reception and I get seriously a million calls and texts a day from this bride.

Can we say Bridezilla?!

Anywho--I hope my punishment for this post is not having to make a speech. I mean afterall, I am the "Fake" Maid of Honor, so I shouldn't really have to give a speech...right?!

Warn me now if this is the case, because I need to google the BEST Maid of Honor speeches...

YAY for next Friday!!

Brista Barrington

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