Sunday, August 12, 2012

New, New, New!

I finally decided to get a new blog look!!!

 Before, I was not really too worried about what my blog looked like. It was just for myself to highlight my family's favorite stories so I could look back and read about the highlights of our year, however, I checked my blog stats and realized my website has been viewed 7000 times!!!!
Mostly because of my WWE Wrestling Party being featured on Tip Junkie, so I decided to revamp my style.

I was not into paying someone a fortune to design, so I simply googled "pre-made blog designs" and found this one. And it was perfect because it was very similar to what I had designed as my Posh Parties Logo.

Now it doesn't look so bad when someone visits!! :)

(I am still working on my pages, so bare with me.)


Another thing new in my life is I have become an:
 "It Works" Distributor.

I was very "iffy" about becoming a Distributor. I don't want to become that annoying salesperson that feels up your Facebook news feed with posts (ahem..Mother).

However, once I tried this product I was hooked. I read about it for months before I even actually tried it and when I did.... Wow! I was amazed by how it really works!!

I am very passionate about this product.

If you want any information or have any questions about It Works Wraps, please contact me!

Click on this link below to head to my personal It Works Web page:

****Also, if you contact me I will send you my own personal picture of my before and after! I lost 3 inches in just 2 wraps!


Last, but certainly not least...NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!

Drew and I had a Mommy and Drew day out yesterday. Just the two of us. I had to squeeze in some extra time with this little man before heads off to school in just THREE days!

We had a wonderful day together!

I am going to be balling like a baby on Wednesday.
 That's a promise!

Brista Barrington


  1. Ive just stumbled upon your blog and I'm not sure whether it's the adorable posts, or the even more adorable design, but I'm hooked! :)

    1. Aw! Thank you! I am pretty new to blogging, so that makes my day! :)