Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Purple Star Child & One Trouble Child

We are getting used to this whole Kindergarten-School Schedule thing.
Monday.. the third day was probably the WORST day by far! My husband said I needed to stop posting on Facebook my sorrows. Haha. So I dealt with the pain myself.
It was that much harder because he cried too! I was so concerned he wouldn't make it to the classroom for some reason so  I turned into "that" mother and texted one of our friends who is a teacher at the school and thank goodness he replied and told me he seen him and he was doing just fine!! I apologized and told him not to hate me too much for bothering him. Ha.
Now, things are much much much better!
I am thinking he just had a bad case of the Mondays!
He even got his FIRST Purple Star today!!
His classroom does the whole Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light disobedience thing.
A Purple Star means you were exceptionally GREAT!!
He wanted that Purple Star sooooo bad!!
This makes me one happy Mama!

And the other child...well, he has been keeping me busy while Drew is at school. You can tell he is just so lost and bored without his big brother during the day.
I think "pick up" may be his new favorite thing since I let him out of his seat into the front seat with me.
Our base was literally bumping in the grade school parking lot yesterday. But he was having a blast.
I have watched this video a gizzillion times and laugh just as hard each time.
I am thinking of sending this video in to Ellen and make him her new dance partner! :)
The lyrics seriously fit this child perfectly..."I'm trouble!"


Brista Barrington


  1. Wow, Brista, your blog is AMAZING!! Love the colors, fonts, everything! Nice job!!!! And thanks for the comment on the DL blog... of course we'd love to take your pictures when we're home!

    1. oh thanks!! we would love it!! hope you are feeling well! :)


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