Friday, September 28, 2012

Remember When...{HHS Class of 2002}

Next weekend is my High School Reunion and I am kinda excited about it!
Last week, I had Justin get out my old boxes in the attic that were full of my school things.
I have sat down for hours just going through everything.
I have found notes...including this one from my best friend, Krystal...
This sounds like one serious note.
We once wrote a whole notebook pad of a letter to one another. True story.
I also found items like this in my Grade School scrapbook..

This was the letter I was telling y'all about when I was in 2nd Grade.
I couldn't remember what I got in trouble for, but clearly I was talking.
Totally not me! I am like the shyest person on Earth!
Still to this day people think I am the rudest person because I still have some shyness in me.
Far from the truth.
I had so much fun in High School!!
Ahhh...sometimes I just want to go back!

(Krystal and I--Freshman Year)
Krystal and I were serious butt buddies Freshman Year. We dated boys that were best friends and pretty much were inseparable.
Sophomore Year--I pretty much spent my time with my High School Boyfriend. Blah....
Junior Year...Dumped that High School Boyfriend and started having some more fun! :)
Senior Year by far was the BEST! Isn't it supposed to be?!?!
It literally was so awesome.
I mean...what was I thinking for my Senior Pics?!?!
What in the heck kinda shirt is this?!

Thanks Todd Ferren for making it look like I went to school in the 70's.
Senior Year was full of FUN and FRIENDS!!


Senior Prom Girl of my favorite pictures from High School...
After Prom was always so much fun too. Do they even still have After-Prom?!?!

Then comes Graduation Day...
Such a happy and sad day.
I was so excited to be done with High School, but little did I know how much I would miss it!
These two were some of my bestest friends also.
We may not get to see other often or even talk often for that matter, but when we do get together it's like we just pick up where we left off.
I am so beyond excited to see these gals this week and catch up on what everyone else is doing in their lives too!!
I am sure there is going to be a lot of conversation that starts out...
Remember When...
{Our Senior Year High School Yearbook Theme}

I totally wish I could bring the DOG DAYS video to show at the reunion.
Or maybe we could do an encore performance?!?
I can still be Nelly and N'Sync's "Girlfriend"



Brista Barrington

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ready.Set.Hike. & A little payback time...

Drew started Football Saturday and I could not be more excited!!
I really am not into sports at all. However, watching my kids play is a whole other story.
I am quite competitive, I admit it. I want him to be the best and do the best. BUT, I want him to also had fun doing it. If he's not going to have fun doing it, he doesn't have to play. We do not want to force him to do anything he does not want to do.
I was extra excited about football for him. It's the only sport I can really tolerate.
I don't know why? But to me it's so much more entertaining to watch!
Drew did AWESOME his first game!
First play of the game, he scored a TOUCHDOWN!!!
Beyond proud Mom right here!
I got a video of his first ever touchdown!
Here he is scoring his second touchdown...
Overall, he scored two touchdowns and pulled the flag 4 times (I think?!)!!!
The weather was perfect this weekend!!
We spent the day outside playing.
The boys love our neighbor's little Grandkids so we spent a few hours playing with them.
As they were playing I got out some old pictures out of the garage to look through.
Perfect way to pay back my sister for posting a video on facebook that I had sent her that day.
Drew and Dylan's DS Games have been in the possession of my niece and nephew, Mady and Chandler, for a long while now so I thought it would be funny to send a Ransom Video holding Mady's Barbie Car she left here from Dylan's birthday party.
Around my family I am the biggest dork there is.
The video was NOT supposed to go viral.
But it did.
I don't usually get embarassed, but I did.
So the pictures were a perfect way to get her back... :)
So I posted a nice little picture of her on facebook that included Pringle Chip Lips.
Then I included a few of my other sister, Mom, and Dad as well...just for the FUN of it!
While it was hilarious at the time, it was so fun to look back at all my old old pictures!
Look how SWEET I look?!?!

Isn't Dylan just a spitting image of his mother?!?!?!


Brista Barrington

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Slow Week & Lots to Look Forward To!

This week has been surprisingly stress free and slow.

Last weekend I did nothing but clean the house. It was embarrassingly gross. Who thought spending the weekend deep cleaning was a good idea?! I think I have lost my marbles!
Never again. Never ever again.
Hiring a cleaning lady STAT!

Dylan FINALLY didn't cry when I dropped him off at Pre-K for the FIRST TIME on Tuesday!
This made it sooo beyond much easier to leave him.

When I went to pick up him I said to the teacher "Yay! He didn't cry today!"

She says.."Yes, but I feel so bad, I have to tell you something.."
Uh oh. This isn't good.
Dylan got his first time out... :(
Apparently, some kid was being "mean to the horse", so Dylan felt like he should be mean to the kid and hit him. With the horse.
Oh. My. Word.
I have never had to deal with a teacher telling me one of my children had to be put in time out.
Drew never gets in trouble. He is like his Mama was in school (pre-high school days) and is a good child that never gets into any kind of trouble and follows all the rules.
So, I was not sure how to deal with it. Justin and I both talked to him about it.
I always joked around saying he would be in time out a lot at school, but hopefully this one experience scared him because she said he sat there with tears in his eyes. Sounds like his little heart got broke for getting in trouble just like mine used to.
That's a good thing. I remember getting in trouble in the 2nd Grade by Mrs. Kocher and she had to write a letter to my Mom that stated "No one is perfect and everyone sometime or another gets into trouble." Ha.
I hope my children carry on the trait of mine to never be in trouble in school.

On another Dylan note...he still loves him some story time. This is one of my favorite parts of the day! I love love love love love reading to the boys. I have to cut them off though because they pick out 10 books a night to read.

I also got some home decor done this week. We have lived in our house for 2 1/2 years and it is no where near done. Ugh. Plus I keep changing my mind. My house has been painted different colors 235676 times.The master bedroom has never even been touched. We still have my bedroom suite from when I was in High School. Lots to still do and Pinterest does not help with the constant changing my mind.
Anywho. Justin is not the handy man at all, so I have his Dad help me with my home decor needs. I decided to cook the in-laws some dinner before helping. We have been together for a long time now and I have only cooked for them one other time, so I was excited.
I got the nice dinnerware and napkins out. So fun.

Other than that, we have done much of NOTHING this week and I could not love it more!
I love weeks like this!
Our life is about to get a little crazy starting here soon...
Drew's Football starts this weekend!!!
Bunco this weekend!
My 10-Year High School Reunion in a few weeks!
Halloween Parties galore!
My 29th Birthday! (Sad face. I don't want to get old.)
Then the HOLIDAYS!! My FAVORITE time of the year!!!
Brista Barrington

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby Bear #3?!?!?!

I am having some major major baby fever!
However, I have to really think if this is something realistic or not.
I mean, we need a bigger house.
That is 3 cars when they all turn 16...(hopefully 18 or even 21 by then).
That is 3 college tuitions!
If it's another boy...that is 3 kids in sports at the same time!
If it's a girl...that is 2 boys in sports and 1 girl in cheerleading, dance, poms, etc...
Besides all of that, do I really want to go back to the diaper/bottle stage?
I mean, I LOVE LOVE LOVED that stage, but now that my kiddos are older, I have grown to like getting a little bit of my independence back.
I know longer have to worry about the boys getting choked on itty bitty items laying around.
I know longer have to keep my eye on them 24/7. (Even though with Dylan I probably should.)
I no longer have to worry about spending lots of money on diapers and formula.
They have conversations with me.
They can tell me what is wrong.
There are many other reasons why I debate whether or not Baby Barrington #3 is a good idea or not.
But someone asked me the other day...
"Why do you want to have another baby?"
The answer is easy.
Because I feel like our family is not complete.
I feel like there is something else that The Barrington Family of 4 is missing.
And we all know it is definitely not a dog!! :)
I grew up with two other sisters, and so did Justin.
3 kids is a good number.
Not sure if I would go past that.
People ask if baby #3 was a boy if I would try for a girl and I honestly do not think that I would.
It is not about wanting to have a baby girl.
It's about wanting to have another baby!
Gender really does not matter to me one bit. OF COURSE, I would love to have a girl! All the pink, ruffles, dance. Ah! It' excites me!
But, I would be just as happy with another boy.
I mean I am a pro at being a boy mom.
As long as they are healthy, that is really truly all that matters!
I have been going on and off with baby fever recently. I was dead set on not having any more babies. I even said I wanted to get it permanently fixed to not have another.
Where was my head?!
I thought this way until Justin and I went through something horrible about a month ago. Something that a lot of couples go through, but we personally had never experienced.
That's when we realized we really do want to have another baby!
He is on board. Whatever makes me happy, he is okay with!
He often jokes and says "I only shoot boy bullets!"
But, I can really picture him with a baby girl.
That girl would be a Daddy's Little Girl!
Drew says he wants us to have another baby, but it can only be a sister because he already has a brother! :)
So, will there be another Baby Bear coming soon!?!?!?!?!

Brista Barrington

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Family Pictures.

We recently just had our family pictures done....AGAIN!
I can't help it. I am so obsessed with pictures. However, now that my kids are a little bit older, I have limited myself to once a year in between both of their birthdays. See, I have this thing that I need a new picture each time the boys birthday role around. But Drew was born in May and Dylan in September. It's not that far away from each other, so I have decided to meet in the middle and each summer get family pictures made.
This is until it snows and I call my photographer up for a family snow photo session.
And this does not include our Fall Mini Session we are going to do for Christmas Card Pictures.
Okay. I'm nuts. I have problems and can't stop with the family pictures.
But I just
I may need an intervention.
I'm in love with our new family pictures!
I am so in love with these next two pictures that I just might spend the extra money and pay for a gallery wrap. Even though I still haven't framed one of my all time favorite pictures, our sunset family picture. The picture is literally still rolled up in my closet. I need to get on that. 
I love interactive shots. They are my favorite.
Stephanie caught these moments between Drew and I.
I was really trying to have him give me kisses.
However he decided to smash my nose instead.
And I really think the one where my eyes are closed I am BEGGING him to just kiss me.

As much as I hate to admit it...I found this next idea on Pinterest...
If you know me at all, you know how I feel about the whole "I seen this on Pinterest!!"
Not my thing.
I like to be original.
Plus, everyone and their sister is on Pinterest now and I feel like the ideas are not so original and everyone has the same family picture.
But, it turned out cute...
And of course once we hung Dylan upside down, we had to do it over and over and over and over again. And Drew wanted a turn as well.
Made for a cute little picture...
These next two are just way too precious to not get blown up either.
They are definitely FRAMERS!
And another one of my favorites as well...
Thank you so much Stephanie for once again taking our family pictures!!!
I have been going to Stephanie since she very first started and plan to go to her until she quits.
Please don't ever quit! :)

Brista Barrington

Monday, September 10, 2012

to THREEinity and beyond...

Trying to decide on a theme for Dylan's birthday party kinda stressed me out this year.
He wanted Toy Story, however, do you know how many things you can do for Toy Story?
I became overloaded with ideas and had to change it up. Then I remembered I found this cute little Buzz Lightyear party on the Hostess With The Mostess Blog and it could not fit any more perfect with the saying that I created:
to THREEinity and beyond!!!
I ordered all of my printables from OhSoPrintable's Etsy Shop.
Jessica was amazing to work with. She created a few additional signs for me to match the rest of the decor. I highly recommend her. She even emailed me the day of Dylan's party and wished him a Happy Birthday. How sweet is that?!
All I had to do was print the invite on cardstock. I decided to add a glitter paper to the back of it to give it a little extra pop! I think they turned out fab-u-lous!
I decided to keep the rest of the party very simple. I was going to go all out like I usually do, however, we had a little set back a few weeks before the party and Mommy was down.
I still think it turned out so cute. And I'm kinda digging the whole simple party decor. Much less stressful for this Mama!
I created the canvas print myself. It's simply just letters from the Cricut and a Buzz and Alien die cut from the Cricut as well. And let me tell ya, layering on the Cricut is absolutely NO FUN! Probably will never do that again. I had envisions of having Buzz Lightyear diecuts all over. Did.Not.Happen.
I also created the cupcake toppers from my Cricut machine as well off of the same glitter paper I used for the invites.
For centerpieces I used styrofoam balls and rolled them in glitter to create a "mini" solar system.
The party favors for the kids were in these cute little silver buckets. Someone had previously used these on another party, so I asked if she would mine if I stole her idea. (I always like to ask if I know the person. Maybe I'm weird?! Ha!) Anywho. The silver buckets are from the Target $1 bin. And even more perfect the chalkboard sign was a Star! Perfect for the theme.
I filled the bucket with "Flying Saucers", Milky Ways, Pencils, and Bubbles. Added the cute little "Thanks For Coming" printable from Jessica for a personal touch!
Each little child had a place setting, even though I don't think one child sat there. They were all way too busy playing!
I love these little clear plastic bottles and striped straws from Shop Sweet Lulu. One of my favorite party stores!
Attached with some of OhSoPrintables printables, glitter paper, and ribbon.
I'm really not digging this collage I made. But it will do so I don't bombard the post with pictures.
We had Moon Pies, Milky Way Cups, Shooting Star Cupcakes, and Pizza Planet Pizza.
So yum! Once again, the cupcakes and cake were made by my mother in law. Wonderful baker she is!
We also had some yummy cookies from a local bakery, Larry's House of Cakes. Even though they messed them up and it was completely not the way I ordered it and for some reason this did not bother me one bit, there were zero cookies left at the end of the party.
A few more decor pictures as well...
The birthday boy had a blast! He played and played and played. All the kids did.
It was a BEAUTIFUL day!
A little too windy to blow out candles, but beautiful!
We had to "fake"blow out candles.
I LOVE the way Drew is looking at his brother here...
Believe it or not, it was a little tough getting him to open presents.
He loves candy corn. He loves it so much in fact, he wanted to decorate his cake with it.
Not gonna happen child!

Grand finale was from Mommy, Daddy, and Drew----New four wheeler!
He was on and took off!!
Safe to say he loved it!

And what did he do after everyone left?
He ended up IN his BIRTHDAY SUIT!
It was such a nice, relaxing, stress free, fun filled day!
Thank you again for everyone who came!
Hope y'all had a great time!
Brista Barrington

Dylan's 1st Day of Pre-K! {Chocolate Milk Saves The Day!}

The day after Dylan turned three he headed to his first day of Pre-K!
This is a big deal for him! We are so very fortunate for our kids to be able to stay with Justin's parents while we work. Mr. Dyl Man had not been to any kind of school or daycare, so this was a huge step for us. (We went through the same thing with Drew.)
He was so very excited when he woke up. It was the cutest thing. He kept telling us "Mrs. Brookhouse is my teacher." ---Mrs. Brookhouse is Drew's Kindergarten Teacher. Ha.
He wanted me to pack his lunch. He didn't quite understand he doesn't have lunch at Pre-K. Our pre-k is half day so dismissal is before lunch time. He was bummed.
He wants to be so much like his brother, it's ridiculous.
Here he is super excited and Drew also super happy about something. This is the day after his birthday, so he was still obsessed with the balloons. Again, best idea I have ever had.
He looks so happy. I just knew it would be a breeze for him at school. Boy, I was wrong. happy and smiling...

Then time came to walk him in...
I started getting teary eyed. And he literally had a death grip on us. He was crying his little heart out. It was so sad. Maybe he was scared? Even though he had been in the same room many times before. He has the same teacher as Drew did.
I really thought it would be so easy. At orientation he walked in like big man on campus that owned the place.
One of his teachers offered to take him to pick out his breakfast, so we went and picked out a box of Frosted Flakes. On the way back, I kinda just slipped away from him and let him walk with the teacher.
They have a "peak window." So I stayed to peak on him for awhile. He stood right by the teacher the whole time. It kind of looked like he was helping her with breakfast set up.
Finally, I decided it was time to walk away and let him be.
I cried so much I had to go home and fix my make-up before going back to work.
30 minutes later his teacher texted me a picture of him sitting on the rug. She says "He is doing great! He is the chair washer today and he is super excited that we have chocolate milk!"
I'd like to give a shout out to the chocolate milk. Thank you for easing my child into school.
That kid and his chocolate milk. He is way beyond obsessed with it.
So, I felt better. Was that not so sweet of her to text me?! She's  a mother herself, so she knows how it feels to leave your baby for the first time.
When we got home. He said he loved school and he would go back. When I asked what his favorite part about school was. You can only imagine what his answer was
I asked what his 2nd favorite part was. He says "WHITE MILK."
I'm hoping this changes soon and he doesn't just love the milk! :)

Brista Barrington

Friday, September 7, 2012

BALLOONS!! {Dylan's 3rd Birthday Recap}

So, I had this idea...
An idea that I for sure knew Dylan would like...
Little did I know that he would not only like it, but he would absolutely LOVE it!
I always try to make the kids birthday days extra extra special. When you are a little kid it's always so exciting when it's your birthday. We have been counting down the days. He says he is going to be "Thfree" and shows you by holding up his pinky, ring, and middle fingers.
He also says: "I'm going to have thfree birthday cakes. John Cena. Buzz. and Wipeout."
How random, huh?!
 I knew I wanted to start his day off with something special before Drew headed off to school and Daddy went to work so they could get in on some birthday celebration time. I decided to fill up his bedroom with balloons before he woke up.

He was so happy! I knew this kid loved balloons, but little did I know how much!
( Love his little fishy Pj's.)
The balloons traveled with us all day long. We could not go anywhere with at least one balloon going with us.
We started out the day by relaxing and watching a little TV to wake up a bit.
He covered himself with pillows and was reading a book. It was the cutest thing sitting there listening to him read under the pillows like no one was listening.
I tied up all the balloons I had in his bedroom and we headed outside and he ran and ran and ran with the balloons. He was having a ball.
Kids are so easily entertained.
Made from some cute birthday pictures too.
I planned on cooking him a waffle or something and put a little candle in it, but he decided he wanted some biscuits and gravy from Dairy Queen. So, that's exactly what we did.
We were surrounded by all the cutest little elderly men and women. They thought our little breakfast date was the cutest thing.
After breakfast, we made a trip to play in the park.
 We live in a very small town with hardly anything to do for kids, so we were bored by this point. We went home and relaxed and played with the balloons some more. We played balloon basketball, balloon volleyball, let's try and squeeze and pop the balloons, let's let the balloons go to outer space...the list goes on. As long as a balloon was involved. He was happy.
Finally it was time to meet Daddy for lunch. And yes, you guessed it...a balloon traveled along. Held it all the way there. I am suprised he did not buckle it in a seatbelt for safe travels.
Dylan decided he wanted chicken tacos for lunch. Wasn't thrilled, but hey, I was letting my new three year old run my world today. So, tacos it was!
He also chose dinner that night and he requested "hot dogs and mashed potaotos."
Sounds so yum, right?!
I think it is safe to say he had a fabulous 3rd birthday!!
When I ask what his favorite part about his birthday was he says it was "blowing." (blowing out his candles)
Sunday is his birthday party and we are so excited for an afternoon of fun and relaxation with family and friends!!
And yes...we slept with FOUR balloons that night.
I do believe that was THE BEST $20 I have EVER spent!
Giving myself a pat on the back for this idea!

Brista Barrington