Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby Bear #3?!?!?!

I am having some major major baby fever!
However, I have to really think if this is something realistic or not.
I mean, we need a bigger house.
That is 3 cars when they all turn 16...(hopefully 18 or even 21 by then).
That is 3 college tuitions!
If it's another boy...that is 3 kids in sports at the same time!
If it's a girl...that is 2 boys in sports and 1 girl in cheerleading, dance, poms, etc...
Besides all of that, do I really want to go back to the diaper/bottle stage?
I mean, I LOVE LOVE LOVED that stage, but now that my kiddos are older, I have grown to like getting a little bit of my independence back.
I know longer have to worry about the boys getting choked on itty bitty items laying around.
I know longer have to keep my eye on them 24/7. (Even though with Dylan I probably should.)
I no longer have to worry about spending lots of money on diapers and formula.
They have conversations with me.
They can tell me what is wrong.
There are many other reasons why I debate whether or not Baby Barrington #3 is a good idea or not.
But someone asked me the other day...
"Why do you want to have another baby?"
The answer is easy.
Because I feel like our family is not complete.
I feel like there is something else that The Barrington Family of 4 is missing.
And we all know it is definitely not a dog!! :)
I grew up with two other sisters, and so did Justin.
3 kids is a good number.
Not sure if I would go past that.
People ask if baby #3 was a boy if I would try for a girl and I honestly do not think that I would.
It is not about wanting to have a baby girl.
It's about wanting to have another baby!
Gender really does not matter to me one bit. OF COURSE, I would love to have a girl! All the pink, ruffles, dance. Ah! It' excites me!
But, I would be just as happy with another boy.
I mean I am a pro at being a boy mom.
As long as they are healthy, that is really truly all that matters!
I have been going on and off with baby fever recently. I was dead set on not having any more babies. I even said I wanted to get it permanently fixed to not have another.
Where was my head?!
I thought this way until Justin and I went through something horrible about a month ago. Something that a lot of couples go through, but we personally had never experienced.
That's when we realized we really do want to have another baby!
He is on board. Whatever makes me happy, he is okay with!
He often jokes and says "I only shoot boy bullets!"
But, I can really picture him with a baby girl.
That girl would be a Daddy's Little Girl!
Drew says he wants us to have another baby, but it can only be a sister because he already has a brother! :)
So, will there be another Baby Bear coming soon!?!?!?!?!

Brista Barrington


  1. I'm having some serious babt fever too!!! So happy I found your blog today! Love it. Can't wait to catch up! Would love to have you stop by my blog sometime:)

  2. I get this question all of the time!!! I always say "When it is meant to be, it will be!" :)