Friday, September 7, 2012

BALLOONS!! {Dylan's 3rd Birthday Recap}

So, I had this idea...
An idea that I for sure knew Dylan would like...
Little did I know that he would not only like it, but he would absolutely LOVE it!
I always try to make the kids birthday days extra extra special. When you are a little kid it's always so exciting when it's your birthday. We have been counting down the days. He says he is going to be "Thfree" and shows you by holding up his pinky, ring, and middle fingers.
He also says: "I'm going to have thfree birthday cakes. John Cena. Buzz. and Wipeout."
How random, huh?!
 I knew I wanted to start his day off with something special before Drew headed off to school and Daddy went to work so they could get in on some birthday celebration time. I decided to fill up his bedroom with balloons before he woke up.

He was so happy! I knew this kid loved balloons, but little did I know how much!
( Love his little fishy Pj's.)
The balloons traveled with us all day long. We could not go anywhere with at least one balloon going with us.
We started out the day by relaxing and watching a little TV to wake up a bit.
He covered himself with pillows and was reading a book. It was the cutest thing sitting there listening to him read under the pillows like no one was listening.
I tied up all the balloons I had in his bedroom and we headed outside and he ran and ran and ran with the balloons. He was having a ball.
Kids are so easily entertained.
Made from some cute birthday pictures too.
I planned on cooking him a waffle or something and put a little candle in it, but he decided he wanted some biscuits and gravy from Dairy Queen. So, that's exactly what we did.
We were surrounded by all the cutest little elderly men and women. They thought our little breakfast date was the cutest thing.
After breakfast, we made a trip to play in the park.
 We live in a very small town with hardly anything to do for kids, so we were bored by this point. We went home and relaxed and played with the balloons some more. We played balloon basketball, balloon volleyball, let's try and squeeze and pop the balloons, let's let the balloons go to outer space...the list goes on. As long as a balloon was involved. He was happy.
Finally it was time to meet Daddy for lunch. And yes, you guessed it...a balloon traveled along. Held it all the way there. I am suprised he did not buckle it in a seatbelt for safe travels.
Dylan decided he wanted chicken tacos for lunch. Wasn't thrilled, but hey, I was letting my new three year old run my world today. So, tacos it was!
He also chose dinner that night and he requested "hot dogs and mashed potaotos."
Sounds so yum, right?!
I think it is safe to say he had a fabulous 3rd birthday!!
When I ask what his favorite part about his birthday was he says it was "blowing." (blowing out his candles)
Sunday is his birthday party and we are so excited for an afternoon of fun and relaxation with family and friends!!
And yes...we slept with FOUR balloons that night.
I do believe that was THE BEST $20 I have EVER spent!
Giving myself a pat on the back for this idea!

Brista Barrington


  1. I love this! What a birthday to remember!

  2. Awh such a sweet idea. He looked like he had an awesome birthday:) Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to read more!