Monday, September 10, 2012

Dylan's 1st Day of Pre-K! {Chocolate Milk Saves The Day!}

The day after Dylan turned three he headed to his first day of Pre-K!
This is a big deal for him! We are so very fortunate for our kids to be able to stay with Justin's parents while we work. Mr. Dyl Man had not been to any kind of school or daycare, so this was a huge step for us. (We went through the same thing with Drew.)
He was so very excited when he woke up. It was the cutest thing. He kept telling us "Mrs. Brookhouse is my teacher." ---Mrs. Brookhouse is Drew's Kindergarten Teacher. Ha.
He wanted me to pack his lunch. He didn't quite understand he doesn't have lunch at Pre-K. Our pre-k is half day so dismissal is before lunch time. He was bummed.
He wants to be so much like his brother, it's ridiculous.
Here he is super excited and Drew also super happy about something. This is the day after his birthday, so he was still obsessed with the balloons. Again, best idea I have ever had.
He looks so happy. I just knew it would be a breeze for him at school. Boy, I was wrong. happy and smiling...

Then time came to walk him in...
I started getting teary eyed. And he literally had a death grip on us. He was crying his little heart out. It was so sad. Maybe he was scared? Even though he had been in the same room many times before. He has the same teacher as Drew did.
I really thought it would be so easy. At orientation he walked in like big man on campus that owned the place.
One of his teachers offered to take him to pick out his breakfast, so we went and picked out a box of Frosted Flakes. On the way back, I kinda just slipped away from him and let him walk with the teacher.
They have a "peak window." So I stayed to peak on him for awhile. He stood right by the teacher the whole time. It kind of looked like he was helping her with breakfast set up.
Finally, I decided it was time to walk away and let him be.
I cried so much I had to go home and fix my make-up before going back to work.
30 minutes later his teacher texted me a picture of him sitting on the rug. She says "He is doing great! He is the chair washer today and he is super excited that we have chocolate milk!"
I'd like to give a shout out to the chocolate milk. Thank you for easing my child into school.
That kid and his chocolate milk. He is way beyond obsessed with it.
So, I felt better. Was that not so sweet of her to text me?! She's  a mother herself, so she knows how it feels to leave your baby for the first time.
When we got home. He said he loved school and he would go back. When I asked what his favorite part about school was. You can only imagine what his answer was
I asked what his 2nd favorite part was. He says "WHITE MILK."
I'm hoping this changes soon and he doesn't just love the milk! :)

Brista Barrington

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