Monday, September 3, 2012


I have a new obsession. Like, it's getting really bad...
I have always been a fan of photography since I was in Jr. High, if not earlier.
I remember being in the darkroom developing pictures in school. It's weird that Photography, Art, and Math were my favorite classes. Math kinda doesn't fit in that mix, does it? I never took Art in high school, but I have always loved art. I used to paint and draw portraits all the time when I was little. I am sure my mom still has all my art boxed up some where.
Anywho, my obsession...I have become really obsessed with photography lately. I literally could sit for hours drooling over pictures that I have found on the Internet.
The newest Photographers I am stalking are:
Sara-Beth Photgraphy is out of Indianapolis. I am such a stalker of her portraits that I want to book a little family weekend to Indianapolis and have her take our pictures. I love them THAT much!
I mean look at this amazing picture here...
Dreamlove Photography is way out of town too, but luckily we do know them personally! Max is one of Justin's good friends and also our brother in law's brother. Max and his wife Katie work together to take these beautiful pictures! I too would love for them to take our pictures! I, in fact, just messaged them the other day and told them I would love for them to take our pictures next time their home!
You can never have too many family pictures, right?!?
Check out my newest favorites from their website...
Gosh, I really really wish I could take pictures!!
I have been thinking about taking a class at a local Junior College here in town OR I found this website that offers classes as well: 
 I read a lot of blogs so I can not remember where I found this website at, but I am definitely thinking of trying it out.
I mean after all I do have this expensive camera that I do not know how to use at all. I leave it on the little green button, auto button maybe?! See, I don't even know what it's called. So, it would be nice to actually know how to use it and maybe get some wonderful pictures of my boys myself!
We recently did get Dylan's 3rd Birthday Pictures and new family pictures made! I have been going to Stephanie with Stephanie Borders Photography since Drew was 2 years old!
I can not wait to see how they turned out!!
Brista Barrington


  1. We're so alike! I love taking photos. The power just one photo can have is incredible! I only did a course in forensic crime scene photography but I still think I'm a pro haha!

  2. I love stalking photography sites! Then trying my own version. Too bad it never turns out as I'd like.