Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ready.Set.Hike. & A little payback time...

Drew started Football Saturday and I could not be more excited!!
I really am not into sports at all. However, watching my kids play is a whole other story.
I am quite competitive, I admit it. I want him to be the best and do the best. BUT, I want him to also had fun doing it. If he's not going to have fun doing it, he doesn't have to play. We do not want to force him to do anything he does not want to do.
I was extra excited about football for him. It's the only sport I can really tolerate.
I don't know why? But to me it's so much more entertaining to watch!
Drew did AWESOME his first game!
First play of the game, he scored a TOUCHDOWN!!!
Beyond proud Mom right here!
I got a video of his first ever touchdown!
Here he is scoring his second touchdown...
Overall, he scored two touchdowns and pulled the flag 4 times (I think?!)!!!
The weather was perfect this weekend!!
We spent the day outside playing.
The boys love our neighbor's little Grandkids so we spent a few hours playing with them.
As they were playing I got out some old pictures out of the garage to look through.
Perfect way to pay back my sister for posting a video on facebook that I had sent her that day.
Drew and Dylan's DS Games have been in the possession of my niece and nephew, Mady and Chandler, for a long while now so I thought it would be funny to send a Ransom Video holding Mady's Barbie Car she left here from Dylan's birthday party.
Around my family I am the biggest dork there is.
The video was NOT supposed to go viral.
But it did.
I don't usually get embarassed, but I did.
So the pictures were a perfect way to get her back... :)
So I posted a nice little picture of her on facebook that included Pringle Chip Lips.
Then I included a few of my other sister, Mom, and Dad as well...just for the FUN of it!
While it was hilarious at the time, it was so fun to look back at all my old old pictures!
Look how SWEET I look?!?!

Isn't Dylan just a spitting image of his mother?!?!?!


Brista Barrington

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  1. Goooooo, Dylan! This is awesome. Makes me wish we had at least one little boy!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! ;) Have a GREAT week!!