Thursday, September 20, 2012

Slow Week & Lots to Look Forward To!

This week has been surprisingly stress free and slow.

Last weekend I did nothing but clean the house. It was embarrassingly gross. Who thought spending the weekend deep cleaning was a good idea?! I think I have lost my marbles!
Never again. Never ever again.
Hiring a cleaning lady STAT!

Dylan FINALLY didn't cry when I dropped him off at Pre-K for the FIRST TIME on Tuesday!
This made it sooo beyond much easier to leave him.

When I went to pick up him I said to the teacher "Yay! He didn't cry today!"

She says.."Yes, but I feel so bad, I have to tell you something.."
Uh oh. This isn't good.
Dylan got his first time out... :(
Apparently, some kid was being "mean to the horse", so Dylan felt like he should be mean to the kid and hit him. With the horse.
Oh. My. Word.
I have never had to deal with a teacher telling me one of my children had to be put in time out.
Drew never gets in trouble. He is like his Mama was in school (pre-high school days) and is a good child that never gets into any kind of trouble and follows all the rules.
So, I was not sure how to deal with it. Justin and I both talked to him about it.
I always joked around saying he would be in time out a lot at school, but hopefully this one experience scared him because she said he sat there with tears in his eyes. Sounds like his little heart got broke for getting in trouble just like mine used to.
That's a good thing. I remember getting in trouble in the 2nd Grade by Mrs. Kocher and she had to write a letter to my Mom that stated "No one is perfect and everyone sometime or another gets into trouble." Ha.
I hope my children carry on the trait of mine to never be in trouble in school.

On another Dylan note...he still loves him some story time. This is one of my favorite parts of the day! I love love love love love reading to the boys. I have to cut them off though because they pick out 10 books a night to read.

I also got some home decor done this week. We have lived in our house for 2 1/2 years and it is no where near done. Ugh. Plus I keep changing my mind. My house has been painted different colors 235676 times.The master bedroom has never even been touched. We still have my bedroom suite from when I was in High School. Lots to still do and Pinterest does not help with the constant changing my mind.
Anywho. Justin is not the handy man at all, so I have his Dad help me with my home decor needs. I decided to cook the in-laws some dinner before helping. We have been together for a long time now and I have only cooked for them one other time, so I was excited.
I got the nice dinnerware and napkins out. So fun.

Other than that, we have done much of NOTHING this week and I could not love it more!
I love weeks like this!
Our life is about to get a little crazy starting here soon...
Drew's Football starts this weekend!!!
Bunco this weekend!
My 10-Year High School Reunion in a few weeks!
Halloween Parties galore!
My 29th Birthday! (Sad face. I don't want to get old.)
Then the HOLIDAYS!! My FAVORITE time of the year!!!
Brista Barrington