Monday, September 10, 2012

to THREEinity and beyond...

Trying to decide on a theme for Dylan's birthday party kinda stressed me out this year.
He wanted Toy Story, however, do you know how many things you can do for Toy Story?
I became overloaded with ideas and had to change it up. Then I remembered I found this cute little Buzz Lightyear party on the Hostess With The Mostess Blog and it could not fit any more perfect with the saying that I created:
to THREEinity and beyond!!!
I ordered all of my printables from OhSoPrintable's Etsy Shop.
Jessica was amazing to work with. She created a few additional signs for me to match the rest of the decor. I highly recommend her. She even emailed me the day of Dylan's party and wished him a Happy Birthday. How sweet is that?!
All I had to do was print the invite on cardstock. I decided to add a glitter paper to the back of it to give it a little extra pop! I think they turned out fab-u-lous!
I decided to keep the rest of the party very simple. I was going to go all out like I usually do, however, we had a little set back a few weeks before the party and Mommy was down.
I still think it turned out so cute. And I'm kinda digging the whole simple party decor. Much less stressful for this Mama!
I created the canvas print myself. It's simply just letters from the Cricut and a Buzz and Alien die cut from the Cricut as well. And let me tell ya, layering on the Cricut is absolutely NO FUN! Probably will never do that again. I had envisions of having Buzz Lightyear diecuts all over. Did.Not.Happen.
I also created the cupcake toppers from my Cricut machine as well off of the same glitter paper I used for the invites.
For centerpieces I used styrofoam balls and rolled them in glitter to create a "mini" solar system.
The party favors for the kids were in these cute little silver buckets. Someone had previously used these on another party, so I asked if she would mine if I stole her idea. (I always like to ask if I know the person. Maybe I'm weird?! Ha!) Anywho. The silver buckets are from the Target $1 bin. And even more perfect the chalkboard sign was a Star! Perfect for the theme.
I filled the bucket with "Flying Saucers", Milky Ways, Pencils, and Bubbles. Added the cute little "Thanks For Coming" printable from Jessica for a personal touch!
Each little child had a place setting, even though I don't think one child sat there. They were all way too busy playing!
I love these little clear plastic bottles and striped straws from Shop Sweet Lulu. One of my favorite party stores!
Attached with some of OhSoPrintables printables, glitter paper, and ribbon.
I'm really not digging this collage I made. But it will do so I don't bombard the post with pictures.
We had Moon Pies, Milky Way Cups, Shooting Star Cupcakes, and Pizza Planet Pizza.
So yum! Once again, the cupcakes and cake were made by my mother in law. Wonderful baker she is!
We also had some yummy cookies from a local bakery, Larry's House of Cakes. Even though they messed them up and it was completely not the way I ordered it and for some reason this did not bother me one bit, there were zero cookies left at the end of the party.
A few more decor pictures as well...
The birthday boy had a blast! He played and played and played. All the kids did.
It was a BEAUTIFUL day!
A little too windy to blow out candles, but beautiful!
We had to "fake"blow out candles.
I LOVE the way Drew is looking at his brother here...
Believe it or not, it was a little tough getting him to open presents.
He loves candy corn. He loves it so much in fact, he wanted to decorate his cake with it.
Not gonna happen child!

Grand finale was from Mommy, Daddy, and Drew----New four wheeler!
He was on and took off!!
Safe to say he loved it!

And what did he do after everyone left?
He ended up IN his BIRTHDAY SUIT!
It was such a nice, relaxing, stress free, fun filled day!
Thank you again for everyone who came!
Hope y'all had a great time!
Brista Barrington


  1. New follower,Your son's party is beyond adorable!! My son's first bday party was toy story but not half as cute as yours!!


  2. Such a precious theme! I just love the colors and the details!

  3. WOW!!!!!!! I love everything!! Every detail is SO adorable! :) great job!!

  4. I just found your blog and am having fun reading through your posts. The last two pics kill me! So cute on his fourwheeler like a little man and then just HANGING OUT in the yard lol. Love the party theme - good idea!