Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cardinal Game!

Now, we all know I could care less about the Cardinals or sports. BUT, my butt was taking up a seat in Busch Stadium Thursday night for Game 4.
I must have been an amazing good luck charm because they WON!
Okay, maybe not, because the only game they lost last year in the World Series was the game I attended.
I go for my boys. After all I am a boy mom and have to deal with this the rest of my life. It's worth it to see them having fun. So I enjoy it as well all kidding aside.

Someone asked me if I actually got into the game. Honestly, I could not even tell you what the score was. I was too busy taking pictures and ordering hot dogs, soda, cotton candy, peanuts, and popcorn.
Literally, we ordered everything they served I think.

The boys had a great time.
Drew has really been getting into the Cardinals lately and his favorite player is Molina.
He wanted everything Molina that night.
So, his Ba bought him a new Molina jersey.
Of course, he changed into it and kept on waving his rally towel.
Dylan's favorite?? Still Fredbird.
He was all about finding Fredbird.
I wish we could have found him to get a picture because everyone made such sad faces and said how cute Dylan was with his little baseball sling.
I am sure Fredbird would have thought the same thing! :)
I got some other cute pictures of the boys...
It was a great night! We stayed the whole game. We even stayed after the game was over to get some family pictures of the whole family!
(I need a closing may never hear me say this again...)

Brista Barrington

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  1. Go Cardinals! All I can say after that embarrassing 9-0 loss to the Giants is "maybe next year".

    I just realized I never replied to your comment on my blog that you left some time ago. I sincerely apologize and am now following your posts!

    Your family is absolutely adorable!