Friday, November 30, 2012

Excuse Me...

Please excuse my constant blog design.
I just can not simply decide want I want. I am so indecisive.
I know when I like something and so far I have not found it.
Bare with me.
Hopefully something will come about soon...
Until then...
Don't you love these kind of Santa Claus pictures?!?!
Haha. This was Dylan last year. He clearly did not like Santa Claus.
Hoping it is a little different this year!
Tis the Season!!
I really need to get my booty in gear and finish shopping!!
Brista Barrington

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

101 Days Until...

Just 101 Days Until The Barrington's are headed back to Disney World!!!
I decided I was going to do a post including all my favorite pictures from each Disney trip, however, I have a gizzilion, so I decided I am going to divide it up into three different posts: one for each trip!
Our first trip to Disney World was August of 2008. Drew was a fresh one year old.
Boy, was it a hot one!!
It was really my first time getting the whole Disney experience. I had been once, but just to the Hollywood Studio Park.
It is all soooo magical. Down to the way they fold your towels into Mickey Ears.
I was totally shocked by how much my fresh one year old could do including one of my favorites...THE TEACUPS!!
I remember he loved it!! Can't ya tell?!?! 
And Dumbo...
For this trip we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. It was fairly close to the Magic Kingdom park so we would take boat rides.
This is one of my favorite all time pictures. I still have it framed to this day.
My favorite meal thusfar has got to definitely be Cinderella's Castle.
We had lunch on our visit. It was ahhhhmazeballs! I may have boys, but Drew was too young to notice we were surrounded by all Princesses. Right before you eat you can meet Cinderella. The boys get a sword as a little gift...
Magic Kingdom of course was my favorite park. So much to do there, however, to my surprise there is only Cinderella's Castle and Crystal Palace as sit down restaurants to eat at. Crystal Palace was, has, and will always be my least favorite place to eat. Yuck.
Some of our favorite memories from Hollywood Studios were AEROSMITH. The most awesome roller coaster EVER. The hubs and I rode many times...
(Don't we look soo young??)
Another favorite has to be Toy Story Mania. Longest wait I have ever waited. 2 hours to ride this thing. But totally worth it...
You can't go to Disney World and not go to Animal Kingdom. The safaris are so much fun!!
Epcot is fun too. Not much for little kids to do in this park except the Nemo ride. But the countries are so fun to look around and shop. And I think they have the best restaurants.
It's so beautiful.
We always end up doing Magic Kingdom in two days. There is just so much to do there.
We met each character in Toon Town. (Which is no longer there.) :((
Drew slept through the whole thing. LOVE this picture of Donald Duck.
We also met Winnie the Pooh and Friends at Crystal Palace. (The restaurant I do not recommend.)
But we got some cute pictures! :)
Always on the last day at Disney we eat breakfast at O'Hana resturant. Again, ahhhmazing food!!
I find the breakfast meals to be so much better than the lunches and dinners.
(I should do a post and review the places that we have eaten and stayed!!)
Anywho--we did lots more on this trip than just the pictures here. Lots of rides, eating, and shopping!
So many different things to do in Disney and I think I learn something new each time I go on vacation there.
This trip we flew there. Never again. I have not flown since. On the way there I cried because I thought we were going to die in a plane crash and on the way back I puked the whole time. Story of my life...Nerves!!
Drew LOVED the plane ride though!
Disney is one of the BEST places to vacation with kiddos! And fun for adults as well!
I literally can not wait to go back!!
Next recap...Disney with Drew & A BABY!!
Brista Barrington

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

Each year my generation on my Mom's side of the family alternates who hosts Thanksgiving. This year was my turn!
I was beyond nervous about cooking the dang turkey. I don't know why. I cook all the time. But this was being put under some serious pressure.
Afterall, it is the MOST important part of the Thanksgiving dinner...
I have to say cooking the turkey was all comical, gross, tiring, and yummy at the same time.
Comical was the cleaning out the insides of the turkey. Most disgusting thing ever. I could not even do it. I made Justin do it. I think we called my Mom twice during this whole process which should have taken 2 seconds. I even sent her pictures of the inside of the turkey to be sure we got it all out. Haha.
I seriously thought I would become a vegetarian after this. Gross. Gross. Gross.
I cooked my turkey on 200 for 14 hours. Which meant, getting up all night long to check on it = Tiring.
I mixed some Rosemary, Basil, Italian Seasoning, Salt, and Pepper into some Olive Oil and brushed the turkey down before putting it into the oven. Then, like I said, cooked it for 14 hours. I started at 10pm the night before and let it cook all night long. Every 2 hours or so I would check on it and brush some melted butter on it so it would not become dry.
Final product was AHHHMAZING!!
I do not mean to boast (or I do) BUT it was the most amazing turkey I have ever had.
I never eat turkey really on Thanksgiving, but sure did this time around!!
Thanksgiving with the family went great! We played our usual card games of 31. For money. Or coins in my case (inside joke) and had a blast.
I always enjoy spending time with my family. I feel like that is what the Holidays are about.
Being with Family!
Brista Barrington

Friday, November 23, 2012

Barrington Thanksgiving Recap

I find myself constantly complaining about little things in life. My job. My house. My weight. (Ha.)
However, I should really stop doing so. I should be very lucky and thankful I have a job while others are struggling and trying so hard to just find one.
I should be very thankful that I have a roof over my head and a nice house for my kids instead of complaining how I want a new bigger one.
I am very thankful for everything in my life. I do thank God every single night in prayers for what I have. I thank him for my family, my health, my children's health, the list goes on...
Want to know what my kids are thankful for? It's quite hilarious and shows how different their personalities are..
"What are you thankful for?"
Drew: "For being nice at school."
Dylan: "Popcorn Words" (Site Words)
Really Dyl?!
A friend of mine said it best: You have an angel and a spitfire.
I. Could.Not.Agree.More.
The boys had some cute little festivities going on at school for Thanksgiving this year.
Dylan had a little Thanksgiving feast at Pre-K, which also was his substitute teacher's last day. (His teacher has been gone on maternity leave.)
It was a sad day. She was such a sweet teacher and Dylan really loved her.
He is definetly going to miss her, but we are excited to have Mrs. Ahner back as well.
Later that afternoon Drew had a Thanksgiving Play.
He did great. I could hear him singing very loudly!
He was Corn in the play. Each time the readers said "corn" his line was to pop up and jump and down and say "Pop! Pop! Pop!" It was too cute.
After their play each classroom sang a color song...
Drew for some reason stood to his side to sing the WHOLE TIME!
No idea why?!?!
What a handsome little corn...
We did not do much at all Thanksgiving Day.
We all slept in. We had dino nuggets and french fries for lunch. Yes, dino nuggets. Ha.
We did not have to be anywhere until 5 and I was not about to cook a big ol' Thanksgiving feast for just the four of us.
Guess what Drew knows how to do now?!
He has been doing it for a couple of weeks now.
I totally think teaching how to tie shoes is much harder to teach than potty training.
So glad that is over!
Here he is showing Jingles (Elf on the Shelf) that he can tie his shoes...
I set the self timer on my camera and tried to get a couple family pictures.
Somehow I sat the camera to take 10 pictures at a time for self timer and the boys thought it was HILARIOUS!

(PS--Dylan refuses to take off his hat. Ever. He wears a hat every single day including family picture time.)

We headed out later that night to Justin's parents house where we also celebrated Pawee's birthday.
Justin's family also has a little tradition to let the grandkids decorate their tree Thanksgiving night.
My boys had a great time doing so.
Our Thanksgiving was very calm and relaxing.
I DID go Black Friday Shopping. This was my 4th year going. I love it.
I am not the type that is going to fight for an item by any means, but it is just fun to get with your girlfriends and stay up all night to shop. Especially when you are getting such great deals.
There are quite some characters out though, that's for sure.
If someone wanted to fight me for an item, I would just let them have it. I would rather pay the extra money.
Some of the housewives and I shopped from 8pm to 3am. It was a lot of fun, but I was exhausted!
Justin and the boys let me sleep in until 12:30!!
Now, I should be getting my house ready for Thanksgiving with my family that I am hosting tomorrow. I am so nervous about cooking this turkey. I had no idea that I even needed to thaw out the thing until the other day. Ha. I cook a lot and love to cook, but this is nerve racking.
After all, it is the most important part of the Thanksgiving Meal!
Wish me luck!!!
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as well!!
Brista Barrington

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Drew & His Hunt-a-holic Grandpa {1st Time Hunting}

If you know my father at all then you know that he is hunt-a-holic. All my life that is all he has done...HUNT!
I even went with him a few times when I was little, have a scar under my eye to prove it.
The time I remember very well is the time when I was all bundled up in a one piece camo suit.
I kept telling my Dad I had to pee. He would not let me go. He said the deer would smell it and not come around.
I think I was like in 2nd Grade. I could not hold it in any longer, so I peed myself. Ha. Yep. Totally did. Needless to say, we did not hunt that day.
My Dad has been asking for me to let Drew go stay at his cabin and hunt with him.
 (My Dad and another friend of his have a cabin and lots of acres of land they call "Monkey Island" in Harrisburg.)
He takes my nephew Chandler all the time. BUT, me?! I just was not ready yet. I mean, we all remember I was a basket case just sending him to Kindergarten.
Finally...I decided to say YES! And on the 1st day of shotgun season at that. Sounds a little contradicting, huh?!
Drew was so excited to go! He became a little iffy about it that morning saying he was scared, but then changed his mood quickly. 
Are these two boys not the cutest little deer hunters you have ever seen?!?!
This is my Dad. He does not smile for pictures. Clearly. He was so happy to take the boys. He was lucky enough to be blessed with three girly girls, so he is sucking up the boy hobbies with the grandkids.
He is about to shoot his first gun...
I think we may have found what Santa will be bringing him for Christmas...a BB gun!
I had a mini-photo shoot with him. Like seriously, I have a problem. I can't just get one. I have to get many.
Love his cute little face...
There he goes...they are packed and ready to get some deer!!
Did I mention that Dylan BALLED his eyes out because he wanted to go hunting SOOO bad,
but I know him very well, there is no way he would have sat there for hours quietly.
He kept saying on the way out to my Dad's: "I wanna shoot some deers!"
So Grandpa Bruce let him shoot some deers!! (fake ones that is)
Not long into the hunting, like maybe an hour in, I received this picture from my Dad...
You see that deer right there too?!? As I was trying to get pictures of Drew, I kept thinking and asked:
 "How do you know it is dead?! What if it comes back to life?"
Right after I said that, my nephew, Chandler, picked up the deer's antlers which raised the body of the deer and I seriously thought it was coming back to life. I screamed bloody murder, grabbed Drew, and started running. Poor Chandler, he had no idea what the heck I was screaming for. And more importantly, poor Drew. He started crying thinking the deer had come back to life. My gosh. Scariest thing ever. But now, funniest thing ever.
Drew is definitely ready to go back hunting! Looks like him and Grandpa Bruce are going to have some good times bonding.
 Let's just hope he does not pee his pants like his Mommy did. ;)

Brista Barrington

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Please stamp me lightly, I'm a Soccer Mom."

Title: True Story.
Friday night some of the other housewives and I went to the Southern Illinois Wine Fest.
We had a great time. Like always. We decided it would be fun to head out to an old bar we always used to hang out at in College.
I. Felt. Old.
We were surrounded by white haired folk. Like for real.
We were gone by the time any college kids came.
BUT, it was so fun to reminisce and take bathroom pictures like old times.
After we left P3, we headed out to Don Taco. I laughed so hard I couldn't talk.
Aren't those always the best times?!
Saturday we headed to Sikeston, Missouri for a Soccer Tournament for Drew.
I became THAT Mom that was on the sidelines not sitting in my seat, yelling at Drew, jumping up and down when they were about to score, running up the sidelines.
Drew started off not playing so well at all, but second and third game he played much much better.
He played his little heart out. He played so hard and listened to the Coach so well.
The team tied for third place overall in the Kindergarten Tournament.
He had a lot of fun and that is what matters.
They all received a metal after the game...
I, yes ME, Brista, can NOT wait for next Soccer season. I love watching Soccer. It's so intense and so fun!
I also can NOT wait for Dylan to be release fully from the Orthopedist.
We had his 6 week follow up appointment yesterday and while he has clinically healed, his x-rays show it is not completely healed. It is healing correctly just not 100% yet.
He does not have to wear his sling or brace anymore. PTL.
 (Even though we skipped a few days. Shhh..)

He still has to take precautions because he is at a high risk for re-fracturing the clavicle.
So Dr said no wrestling...(how did he know?), amongst other crazy activities.
We got back 5 days before Christmas for another x-ray and hopefully be released!
Brista Barrington