Tuesday, November 27, 2012

101 Days Until...

Just 101 Days Until The Barrington's are headed back to Disney World!!!
I decided I was going to do a post including all my favorite pictures from each Disney trip, however, I have a gizzilion, so I decided I am going to divide it up into three different posts: one for each trip!
Our first trip to Disney World was August of 2008. Drew was a fresh one year old.
Boy, was it a hot one!!
It was really my first time getting the whole Disney experience. I had been once, but just to the Hollywood Studio Park.
It is all soooo magical. Down to the way they fold your towels into Mickey Ears.
I was totally shocked by how much my fresh one year old could do including one of my favorites...THE TEACUPS!!
I remember he loved it!! Can't ya tell?!?! 
And Dumbo...
For this trip we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. It was fairly close to the Magic Kingdom park so we would take boat rides.
This is one of my favorite all time pictures. I still have it framed to this day.
My favorite meal thusfar has got to definitely be Cinderella's Castle.
We had lunch on our visit. It was ahhhhmazeballs! I may have boys, but Drew was too young to notice we were surrounded by all Princesses. Right before you eat you can meet Cinderella. The boys get a sword as a little gift...
Magic Kingdom of course was my favorite park. So much to do there, however, to my surprise there is only Cinderella's Castle and Crystal Palace as sit down restaurants to eat at. Crystal Palace was, has, and will always be my least favorite place to eat. Yuck.
Some of our favorite memories from Hollywood Studios were AEROSMITH. The most awesome roller coaster EVER. The hubs and I rode many times...
(Don't we look soo young??)
Another favorite has to be Toy Story Mania. Longest wait I have ever waited. 2 hours to ride this thing. But totally worth it...
You can't go to Disney World and not go to Animal Kingdom. The safaris are so much fun!!
Epcot is fun too. Not much for little kids to do in this park except the Nemo ride. But the countries are so fun to look around and shop. And I think they have the best restaurants.
It's so beautiful.
We always end up doing Magic Kingdom in two days. There is just so much to do there.
We met each character in Toon Town. (Which is no longer there.) :((
Drew slept through the whole thing. LOVE this picture of Donald Duck.
We also met Winnie the Pooh and Friends at Crystal Palace. (The restaurant I do not recommend.)
But we got some cute pictures! :)
Always on the last day at Disney we eat breakfast at O'Hana resturant. Again, ahhhmazing food!!
I find the breakfast meals to be so much better than the lunches and dinners.
(I should do a post and review the places that we have eaten and stayed!!)
Anywho--we did lots more on this trip than just the pictures here. Lots of rides, eating, and shopping!
So many different things to do in Disney and I think I learn something new each time I go on vacation there.
This trip we flew there. Never again. I have not flown since. On the way there I cried because I thought we were going to die in a plane crash and on the way back I puked the whole time. Story of my life...Nerves!!
Drew LOVED the plane ride though!
Disney is one of the BEST places to vacation with kiddos! And fun for adults as well!
I literally can not wait to go back!!
Next recap...Disney with Drew & A BABY!!
Brista Barrington


  1. I'm so jealous! I love going to Disneyland/world!

    I'm your newest follower from the GFC blog hop
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  2. I have never been to DisneyLAND but I have always wanted to go! We love Disney World! Such a happy place!! :)

  3. I would love to read a review - we are going to be there in 92 sleeps!!!!! It's my first time (unless you count Euro Disney) and I CAN'T WAIT!!! Looks like you've had some great experiences there!

    1. We go all the time!! You are going to have a blast! Sounds like we are headed there just a week after you!

  4. I have got to get my girls there before they get too old. I am really going to try and make it happen this year!!! You guys are going to have sooooo much fun!

  5. jealous! nothing better than disney world..have fun!!
    i love your darling blog and i'm so happy to have discovered it!
    new follower..xo chaseandem.blogspot.com

  6. oh disney world. yay.

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