Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Barrington Halloween...

This year the boys decided they wanted to be...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...
This happens when your kids get older. You can no longer choose their costumes.
Luckily, my boys are really close and do everything together and like the same things.
 So, two turtles it was!
Best Part?? I didn't even have to tell them to smile with the mask.
Score for Mommy!
Even though you can not see their face, I think they make some pretty cute turtles if I do say so myself.
Each year we walk downtown in the Pumpkin Path Parade.
We usually start out by meeting our group of friends and the kids walk together.
I love this tradition. One I hope to keep doing for a long time.
I'm a sucker for annual holiday traditions...
Dylan refused to wear his mask to the parade. He wanted to wear his Cardinal Hat. The same hat he wears every single day.
I did not even argue. I was totally okay with it.
I think a Ninja Turtle with a Cardinal Hat is pretty cute and it's totally Dylan's personality.
The boys also refused to pull the shoe covers over the feet, so the shoes showed all night. Again, no argument from me. Just wanted them to have fun.
After all the kiddos walk in the parade we walk back downtown through the businesses and trick or treat.
Guess who was the most excited about getting the candy?!
Drew was excited to get his mommy's favorite: Yellow Laffy Taffy.
Such a sweet Mama's boy.
After trick or treating we headed home and I seriously think we all were asleep by 8:30.
We were all completely exhausted!
That's a wrap on Halloween!
Now can I decorate for Christmas yet?!?!
Brista Barrington

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