Friday, November 23, 2012

Barrington Thanksgiving Recap

I find myself constantly complaining about little things in life. My job. My house. My weight. (Ha.)
However, I should really stop doing so. I should be very lucky and thankful I have a job while others are struggling and trying so hard to just find one.
I should be very thankful that I have a roof over my head and a nice house for my kids instead of complaining how I want a new bigger one.
I am very thankful for everything in my life. I do thank God every single night in prayers for what I have. I thank him for my family, my health, my children's health, the list goes on...
Want to know what my kids are thankful for? It's quite hilarious and shows how different their personalities are..
"What are you thankful for?"
Drew: "For being nice at school."
Dylan: "Popcorn Words" (Site Words)
Really Dyl?!
A friend of mine said it best: You have an angel and a spitfire.
I. Could.Not.Agree.More.
The boys had some cute little festivities going on at school for Thanksgiving this year.
Dylan had a little Thanksgiving feast at Pre-K, which also was his substitute teacher's last day. (His teacher has been gone on maternity leave.)
It was a sad day. She was such a sweet teacher and Dylan really loved her.
He is definetly going to miss her, but we are excited to have Mrs. Ahner back as well.
Later that afternoon Drew had a Thanksgiving Play.
He did great. I could hear him singing very loudly!
He was Corn in the play. Each time the readers said "corn" his line was to pop up and jump and down and say "Pop! Pop! Pop!" It was too cute.
After their play each classroom sang a color song...
Drew for some reason stood to his side to sing the WHOLE TIME!
No idea why?!?!
What a handsome little corn...
We did not do much at all Thanksgiving Day.
We all slept in. We had dino nuggets and french fries for lunch. Yes, dino nuggets. Ha.
We did not have to be anywhere until 5 and I was not about to cook a big ol' Thanksgiving feast for just the four of us.
Guess what Drew knows how to do now?!
He has been doing it for a couple of weeks now.
I totally think teaching how to tie shoes is much harder to teach than potty training.
So glad that is over!
Here he is showing Jingles (Elf on the Shelf) that he can tie his shoes...
I set the self timer on my camera and tried to get a couple family pictures.
Somehow I sat the camera to take 10 pictures at a time for self timer and the boys thought it was HILARIOUS!

(PS--Dylan refuses to take off his hat. Ever. He wears a hat every single day including family picture time.)

We headed out later that night to Justin's parents house where we also celebrated Pawee's birthday.
Justin's family also has a little tradition to let the grandkids decorate their tree Thanksgiving night.
My boys had a great time doing so.
Our Thanksgiving was very calm and relaxing.
I DID go Black Friday Shopping. This was my 4th year going. I love it.
I am not the type that is going to fight for an item by any means, but it is just fun to get with your girlfriends and stay up all night to shop. Especially when you are getting such great deals.
There are quite some characters out though, that's for sure.
If someone wanted to fight me for an item, I would just let them have it. I would rather pay the extra money.
Some of the housewives and I shopped from 8pm to 3am. It was a lot of fun, but I was exhausted!
Justin and the boys let me sleep in until 12:30!!
Now, I should be getting my house ready for Thanksgiving with my family that I am hosting tomorrow. I am so nervous about cooking this turkey. I had no idea that I even needed to thaw out the thing until the other day. Ha. I cook a lot and love to cook, but this is nerve racking.
After all, it is the most important part of the Thanksgiving Meal!
Wish me luck!!!
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as well!!
Brista Barrington

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  1. What a wonderful Thanksgiving. The kids are adorbs. And I love that you did get that family photo in-- love.


    Stopping by from the GFC hop to say 'hi' and to follow along. I can't wait to get to know you and your blog better. We're riding the wave of life at Local Sugar Hawaii, I'd love for you to come write the lines with us.