Sunday, November 18, 2012

Drew & His Hunt-a-holic Grandpa {1st Time Hunting}

If you know my father at all then you know that he is hunt-a-holic. All my life that is all he has done...HUNT!
I even went with him a few times when I was little, have a scar under my eye to prove it.
The time I remember very well is the time when I was all bundled up in a one piece camo suit.
I kept telling my Dad I had to pee. He would not let me go. He said the deer would smell it and not come around.
I think I was like in 2nd Grade. I could not hold it in any longer, so I peed myself. Ha. Yep. Totally did. Needless to say, we did not hunt that day.
My Dad has been asking for me to let Drew go stay at his cabin and hunt with him.
 (My Dad and another friend of his have a cabin and lots of acres of land they call "Monkey Island" in Harrisburg.)
He takes my nephew Chandler all the time. BUT, me?! I just was not ready yet. I mean, we all remember I was a basket case just sending him to Kindergarten.
Finally...I decided to say YES! And on the 1st day of shotgun season at that. Sounds a little contradicting, huh?!
Drew was so excited to go! He became a little iffy about it that morning saying he was scared, but then changed his mood quickly. 
Are these two boys not the cutest little deer hunters you have ever seen?!?!
This is my Dad. He does not smile for pictures. Clearly. He was so happy to take the boys. He was lucky enough to be blessed with three girly girls, so he is sucking up the boy hobbies with the grandkids.
He is about to shoot his first gun...
I think we may have found what Santa will be bringing him for Christmas...a BB gun!
I had a mini-photo shoot with him. Like seriously, I have a problem. I can't just get one. I have to get many.
Love his cute little face...
There he goes...they are packed and ready to get some deer!!
Did I mention that Dylan BALLED his eyes out because he wanted to go hunting SOOO bad,
but I know him very well, there is no way he would have sat there for hours quietly.
He kept saying on the way out to my Dad's: "I wanna shoot some deers!"
So Grandpa Bruce let him shoot some deers!! (fake ones that is)
Not long into the hunting, like maybe an hour in, I received this picture from my Dad...
You see that deer right there too?!? As I was trying to get pictures of Drew, I kept thinking and asked:
 "How do you know it is dead?! What if it comes back to life?"
Right after I said that, my nephew, Chandler, picked up the deer's antlers which raised the body of the deer and I seriously thought it was coming back to life. I screamed bloody murder, grabbed Drew, and started running. Poor Chandler, he had no idea what the heck I was screaming for. And more importantly, poor Drew. He started crying thinking the deer had come back to life. My gosh. Scariest thing ever. But now, funniest thing ever.
Drew is definitely ready to go back hunting! Looks like him and Grandpa Bruce are going to have some good times bonding.
 Let's just hope he does not pee his pants like his Mommy did. ;)

Brista Barrington


  1. That is too cute! My son is 2 & is already talking about hunting with his grandpa & dad :) & man did they luck out getting a deer that fast!

    1. I know! He is probably going to think you need to get a deer each time! :)

  2. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.