Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giuliana, You may have a stalker...

I think this Halloween was one of the best Halloweens yet!!
Work was so much fun dressing up...
I redeemed my Giuliana Rancic costume.
For our Halloween party I got hair extensions, but little did I know I had to "sew" the extensions onto clips and of course hair is non-returnable. So I became in a funk and did not really care what my costume looked like and refused to look for a wig.
I was disappointed in myself and was so glad I had another chance to dress up again, this time it was much better.
I came across the most perfect wig at Party City that looked identical to Giuliana's hair...
The Result...
Giuliana just might think I am a stalker.
Not a stalker...just a big fan and I kid a lot.
I'm hardly ever serious about the whole situation.
It's all in good fun!
Like really, I know we aren't BFF.
BUT we would like totally for sure be in real life if we knew each other. ;)
Oh anywho...
Isn't work so much more fun when you dress up?!
Love this picture of all the girls dressed up...
Mama Barrington had lots of good fun dressing up.
But once I got home, it was the boy's turn again!
Up next, recap of the boys trick or treating!
Brista Barrington

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