Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Please stamp me lightly, I'm a Soccer Mom."

Title: True Story.
Friday night some of the other housewives and I went to the Southern Illinois Wine Fest.
We had a great time. Like always. We decided it would be fun to head out to an old bar we always used to hang out at in College.
I. Felt. Old.
We were surrounded by white haired folk. Like for real.
We were gone by the time any college kids came.
BUT, it was so fun to reminisce and take bathroom pictures like old times.
After we left P3, we headed out to Don Taco. I laughed so hard I couldn't talk.
Aren't those always the best times?!
Saturday we headed to Sikeston, Missouri for a Soccer Tournament for Drew.
I became THAT Mom that was on the sidelines not sitting in my seat, yelling at Drew, jumping up and down when they were about to score, running up the sidelines.
Drew started off not playing so well at all, but second and third game he played much much better.
He played his little heart out. He played so hard and listened to the Coach so well.
The team tied for third place overall in the Kindergarten Tournament.
He had a lot of fun and that is what matters.
They all received a metal after the game...
I, yes ME, Brista, can NOT wait for next Soccer season. I love watching Soccer. It's so intense and so fun!
I also can NOT wait for Dylan to be release fully from the Orthopedist.
We had his 6 week follow up appointment yesterday and while he has clinically healed, his x-rays show it is not completely healed. It is healing correctly just not 100% yet.
He does not have to wear his sling or brace anymore. PTL.
 (Even though we skipped a few days. Shhh..)

He still has to take precautions because he is at a high risk for re-fracturing the clavicle.
So Dr said no wrestling...(how did he know?), amongst other crazy activities.
We got back 5 days before Christmas for another x-ray and hopefully be released!
Brista Barrington

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  1. I am glad I am not the only one, my son is two & at three he can start soccer & you bet your sweet bippy that I have the forms downloaded already, for after his birthday :) Glad he is out of the sling! I can't imagine a toddler in a sling!