Sunday, December 2, 2012

Proud Aunt & Negative Baby Fever...

Madilyn Leigh Duffy.
My first niece. The first born grandchild on my side of the family.
She's so special.
Aunt B loves her so much.
Yesterday was her first cheerleading gymnastics competition. I can't get it right. Cheerleading-Gymnastics-Dance. It's all the same, right?!
See, I do not know about any of this stuff because I know all things boys. Not girls.
Mady-Moo did so good for her first competition. She got 7th place in her trampoline routine and double mini routine. Are they called routines?! I don't know. I am good enough to remember the double mini thing.
Love her face in this next picture...

And check out this awesome little USA Olympic pose?! Isn't it so die for?!
O.M.G. So cute!

I learned a lot yesterday while I spent hours upon hours at this meet.
1. I learned what a "flight" was. I would ask if it was her time to fly...This thing took forever. They practiced 456 times before they competed.
2. I learned that I am pretty sure I do not want to have a baby girl. I mean, I would love love love a BABY girl, just not a grown up girl. My goodness, some of those girls were DIVAS. And I just feel like I am a much better boy mom. I would love to have another boy. I am the girliest girl there is, but I just love the boy things so much more.
A boy-mama bond is so sweet.
Never say never though...ya know I wouldn't be too upset if I had another girl. Who knows maybe Justin would turn into a Stage Daddy.
All joking aside, I am so proud of Miss Mady.
Even though I left with a headache and negative baby fever, I can not wait to see her compete at more competitions.
The things that you do for the ones you love...
Love, Aunt B....
Brista Barrington

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