Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Train Tuesdays...

I am so very lucky that I only work four days a week. Of course I would love to work ZERO days of the week. Ahem. Hint. Husband.
However, I am very fortunate to have that one extra little day I get to spend at home with the kiddos.
Now that both boys are in school I even get my own little me time every Tuesday morning for a few hours. It is so nice. Sometimes I spend it running errands and other times I just stay home and relax.
Dyl and I get our own time together for awhile before we have to pick up Drew from Kindergarten.
Today, he wanted to play trains. I have had our trains boxed up outside in the garage. We got them out for a friend of ours the other day and Dyl has really started taking a liking to them more.
Thank goodness I did not sell them. I had planned on it because they were never played with. Do you know how much this Thomas with the Train stuff costs?! What was I thinking?!
See those bright orange shoes he is wearing? Those are what he calls his "mower shoes." You see, this child is OBSESSED with mowing and digging.
We walked into Dillard's earlier and he says: "Mom, someone needs to dig up that mulch!"
He is a hoot I tell ya! Always keeps me entertained. Even when he is in time out. He will sit in time out and apologize the whole time. "I sorry Mommy, I sorry."
Now Drew has taken up protecting his little brother so he will sit in time out with him. I think it breaks his heart that his brother gets put into time out.
These are going to make some great stories when they are older!
I love my Tuesdays off with my boys!
How can you not want to spend all day with this adorable little face?!
Brista Barrington