Friday, December 21, 2012

Where is my husband AND who took him?

Yesterday was probably the BEST anniversary Justin and I have ever had, BUT...
seriously, who took my husband and what did you do with him?
Like, for real. He never does the things he did yesterday.
We have always followed the traditional anniversary gift list. This year was simple. Flowers and fruit. So to my surprise I woke up with an extra present. It was a new ring. Jewelry! Something my husband never gets it. And let me tell you why. He bought a birthstone ring. A birthstone ring that is NONE of my family's birthstone. Well, I guess my baby sister is born in March, but why would I want her birthstone?? Haha. He said he thought the color was pretty. Lol...
Oh well, good try Justin. It's the thought that counts.
THEN--when I got home from work I had my favorite sitting on the counter beside my flowers. Chocolate covered strawberries. But don't let Ju kid ya. He had the help from a good friend on that idea. I put those babies out in like 2 seconds. Yum.
After work we spent a fabulous hour at Drew's basketball practice. It was so romantic....
(insert sarcasm)
We did get to a have a nice, quiet little dinner just the two of us. Afterwards we grabbed a few items to cook for Christmas breakfast and some stocking stuffers and headed home. I guess whenever you have two kiddos things do not get much more romantic than that.
BUT THEN...after the kids went to bed Justin starts yelling at me to come down to the living room. I was so annoyed. I mean, I was trying to finish up the X-Factor and see who won. I was like 10 minutes away from seeing who the winner was.
When I walked down there, he had two glasses of wine, lit candles, and MORE strawberries.
How sweet?!
Props to Papa Bear on this anniversary. He did make it a real special one.
Of course, you have to reminisce and go back through your wedding photos...
Justin and I are not in the following photo, but it is still to this day one of my favorites from the wedding! We have a great, funny group of friends...
So thanks for an amazing anniversary yesterday!! Here's to many more years to come!
Brista Barrington

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  1. Aww, so sweet! Your husband did a great job :) Happy anniversary for yesterday!