Friday, December 6, 2013


SNOW DAY! SNOW DAY! SNOW DAY!!! was beyond COLD today! It was definitely tough to stay out in the snow and play.
We managed to get two rounds in though.

There is this picture of my Papa that was one that was very popular in our family. It was of him shoveling snow. Just a simple shoveling snow picture, but one that always sticks out in my mind. When Drew started shoveling, again, immediately , like I do every single day I began to think about my Papa. 

The boys love when I set the timer on and run to get in the pictures. 
 This time Mommy fell and busted her bottom. 
 See the snow butt on the next photo...

I thought it would be a brilliant idea to throw the snow in the air for picture.
They turned out to be my favorite pictures from the day. 

And we still have the whole weekend ahead of us.

Seriously though, it has only been a day and I am about to go stir crazy.

I am ready for another trip to the Bahamas....
Brista Barrington

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I am like a ba-hum-bug-scroogey-grinch this year. I just can not seem to get in the Christmas spirit.

And can we talk about the Elf on the Shelf.?? Ugh. Such an annoying little guy. The first year was fun. I did not go all out crazy making messes all over the house for him, but it was fun for the kids. The next year, not so much. 90% of the time I forgot to move him. Or when I did remember to move him I just moved him to a new shelf. 

This year??
Yeh....Drew found him in his box. He asked what he was doing in there. I said he was "hiding."
And also this year?
Dylan is SOOOO into it. Dang it. Why? 

I haven't done a darn thing with the Elf. He has moved from our chandelier, to the top of the cabinets, to the top of the refrigerator, etc....only because of the husband. He has decided to take on the Elf duty. Jingles may not be making snow angels in flour or rolling toilet paper all over the house, but the boys, mostly Dylan, still love to find out where he "landed" even if it is just on a boring ol' shelf. I mean he is called the "Elf of the SHELF" right??

I guess I better get myself into some Christmas spirit so maybe Jingles can do something a little more fun because Dylan said this morning that he never leaves the kitchen. Ugh.
 Guess it is time to move to the living room....hahahaha.

No, I'll try harder kids. I promise.

Then there is the Christmas card. Ugh ugh ugh. I just am so not into it this year. 
What is wrong with me?
Christmas is my favorite favorite time of the year so why am I such a scrooge this year??

I just feel like this has been such a bad year that I have been ready to wrap it up for awhile now. Once we hit 2014 I can feel refreshed and ready for a much better year!

So, if you do not get a Christmas card from us this year, it is not because we do not like you. I just may not get on that bandwagon for 2013. I know I will regret it if I don't so I should probably sprinkle some Christmas Cheer on myself to get that ball rolling as well.

Speaking of Christmas cards, I tried to get a family picture on Thanksgiving. We failed.

Oh well, at least I got some cute winter-y pictures of my boys.

Here's to hoping I start dancing like a sugarplum fairy to some Christmas music soon!

Brista Barrington

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lovely Weekend.

This past weekend was a busy one that included lots of sickness up in this household. Lots of it. 

Drew missed both Thursday and Friday of school. All because of strep throat. It was like it took over his body. Kind of scary how serious strep throat can be. He woke up feeling better on Saturday morning but we kept him home from basketball. 
His little body needed to catch up and become stronger. 
THEN, on Sunday Dylan got it. Down, all day. 
He missed school for a few days as well.

But now...everyone is back to up and running and hopefully this sickness stays away for the holidays! 

I remember Dylan being a fresh one year old and he was miserably sick over Christmas and it was so sad. I do not want that to happen again. So stay away sickies!
 And....we will be bathing in Germ-X for awhile.

The boys were like super duper pumped to go hunting with Grandpa Bruce this past Saturday. Because of the sickness I had already told my Dad that Drew would not be coming. But since he felt better Saturday and even stayed in Saturday morning, I took them over. 

They would have been totally bummed if they could not go.

My Dad took all four of the little rascal grandkids. I know, sounds intimidating and you are probably like "what is he thinking? He must be cray!" 

Well, I did too. But I was more concerned with the way he is since his wreck. Soooo...I had a little, okay, a lot of anxiety over it. But I felt better knowing my brother in law would be accompanying him! :)

Drew like loves loves loves to shoot his bow and arrow.
 He does it all the time at our house in our backyard wooded area.
Dylan? Ya know he is gonna want to shoot a gun before anything. He got a BB gun for his birthday and LOVES to shoot it. This boy is so outdoorsey it is crazy. People keep asking what to get him for Christmas and it is hard to tell them because all he wants to do is hunt and fish. That's it.

The boys had a great time! They didn't kill a deer this time around, but you bet that Grandpa Bruce is going to have plenty of phone calls asking when they can go hunting again!

After I left the boys with my Dad, I jetted back home to wrap things up for a friend's baby shower. 

I ordered some fab caramel apples from Dream Baskets and they of course, didn't disappoint.
I always love when I can bring some "Harrisburg" into a Carterville party! :)

The couples shower was such a fun relaxing night. Not your cliche "let's see what kind of poop is in this diaper" baby shower.

The parents to be...

They are not finding out what they are having this time around, so this present made for a perfect photo-op moment...


I can not wait to find out!!!!

Brista Barrington