Thursday, January 31, 2013

50 50!

Today is my Dad's 50th Birthday!!!

Everyone wish him a wonderful Birthday!!

This past weekend we celebrated while he was in town. We had a great day.
This year I decided to go with a meaningful, sentimental gift since this was a big deal birthday.

I finally came up with an idea to make a box and include 50 different items or pictures from his 50 years of life and I came up with this:

I included 49 different pictures of different memories that I had with my Dad. I also included some older pictures from when he was little. For the last item I wrote a letter that included some other memories that I did not have pictures of.

Some of these older pictures he did not even know that I had. Going back looking through all of his old pictures I realized Dylan is a spitting image of my Dad. Like they could pass for twins. 
This picture is poor quality since it's from 1967 and a picture of a picture, but you can still get the idea.

I mean the look on his face is JUST like Dylan. It is just so freaky how identical they look.

Okay, back on track here. (But really, I can not get over how much they look alike.)
One of my all time-hands down favorite pictures is of our father daughter dance at my wedding.

He absolutely loved the box of pictures. I knew he would like it, but I did not expect any kind of reaction that I got. I brought on the waterworks. I do not think I have ever seen my Dad cry. At least I can not remember anyway. We both were crying. It was a great moment. One I will remember forever.

We celebrated later that evening with dinner and cake, of course.

I wanted this birthday to be extra extra special. And I think it will be a moment that he too will never forget.

Happy Happy Birthday Dad!

Wish I could be with you on your actual birthday to celebrate!
 Have a wonderful day.
 I love you and here is to 50 more years!!!

Brista Barrington

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shooting Cameras & Waterguns.

I have been really reading a whole lot about Photography lately. I am slowly getting used to shooting in manual mode. Slowly that is. I just want to be that perfect photographer like instantly.
I have learned though that half of a good picture is the editing. I have always just used PicMonkey. It's free. (Well now it's $5 a month.) But I always got aggravated having to load each picture individually. It took way too long and I am way too impatient to sit and edit every single picture I take. I have Photoshop too, but I don't have enough time to learn that biz-ness. I can't be pleased, huh?
A friend told me about Lightroom a month or so ago. Finally, yesterday I downloaded a Free version to see if I liked it. Of course, I immediately got aggravated and went back to PicMonkey. But now that I have been playing on it more I have decided I LOVE it.
I played around a little tonight taking pictures of Dylan.
I still have a ways to go. I am only doing this to get great pictures that I can look back on and my children can have forever.
I have always had a love for photography and it means so much more now that I have kids.
Look at these cute little toesies!
Luckily Dylan was in a great little mood to let me shoot pictures of him as he shoot me with a water gun!
Soooo...what do you think. Did I do okay?
I'm sorry, I just love little booty pictures! :)
Brista Barrington

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ball Boy

Well, we all know that I live in a house full of obsessed basketball fanatics. I think I have talked complained about it enough. ;)

One of our good friends, Kyle, is the new John A Logan College basketball coach. His wife and I have been friends for many many years and they are actually the reason I met Justin. Justin and Kyle were college roommates. Nowadays, as us wifeys are busy being Mommy's, the husbands probably speak more than we do. I am not kidding either. Like once a day at least. It's ridic the amount of basketball these two cats talk.

Anywho, Drew was ball boy for Kyle and his team the other night. He was so so so excited until we walked into the gym.  He changed his mind last second and I just knew he was not going to do it. Ugh. But finally Daddy convinced him with a Gatorade. Ha.

Good thing, because look at the smile on that kids face. He was in heaven. He just loved it.

Look at him just "chillin" there watched the boys warm up. He's such a little P-I-M-P.

He makes his Mama so proud. Like, I just can not get enough of him!

Ya know, what ever Drew does Dylan wants to do also. So at halftime Dylan helped as well.

I was a little nervous about this one. I could just picture Dylan rolling that thing out onto the court and either running it into the players on purpose, dumping all the balls out and letting them roll all over the court, or just getting butt naked (like usual) and streaking across the ball court.

BUT, none of that happened and he did a great job.

I just love my little mini basketball fanatic boys.

Part of me wants to have another boy. I have the boy thing down. There is something super special about a Mommy-Son bond. It is like no other.

I will be that Mom in the crowds with my son's name on my shirt hooping and hollering for my kids. Who would have ever ever thought???

Brista Barrington

Sunday, January 20, 2013

We have our 1st baller, folks!

Just a couple of warnings before you even start reading this post:

1. There will be a bombardment of pictures.
2. They will mostly be in black and white. I have a newly found obsession with black and white pictures again.
3. The quality is not that great. I need to work more on figuring out shutter speed. Plus the lighting was quite weird in the gym.

Now that you have been warned. Picture #1.

This just makes my heart tingle!!!
He was so so so so excited for basketball. As y'all know my husband is a basketball fanatic. Like completely ridic. So this was a long time a coming!
And it meant oh so much that he was actually excited to play.

He has been shooting hoops since he was in his crib. No lie. I have picture to prove it. Justin would pull the hoop up to his crib so he could shoot. Again, ridic.

He packed his little gym bag before we left with basketball socks and his Jordan's. Is it weird that it made me tear up?! Gosh, he is going so darn big!

Come on Mom! Enough with the pictures! I want to play ball!!! :)

He did so great playing. He made 3 BASKETS! ( I say baskets dramatically because I called it goals before which apparently was wrong. Whatevs. I haven't figured out the basketball lingo quite yet.)

Justin said he played his best at defense. Don't ya love his little stance???

The next few pictures I just could not narrow down. It just shows how serious he is about his ballgame. He just might grow up to beat his Daddy's high school scoring record.

He got to shoot his first free throw too!! He missed. But that's okay.

The whole team did pretty darn good for Kindergartners. They played mostly 1st graders and they all said: "we smoked em' coach!" Justin loves coaching. Even if it is the youngest players out there. He really is good at what he does.

Don't they look like the next Dream Team?!

I do not know what we are going to do when basketball is over. He is going to be bummed. But luckily he goes with Daddy every Sunday to Daddy's basketball, so that'll hold him over until next season!

I can not wait to see how much better the team plays at the end of this season. They were pretty darn good for the first game. We might have ourselves the next state champions of high school basketball right here!

This will be the cutest picture ever when these two best buds grow up! ;)

And on an ending note: Mommy also opened up and had to clean my first stinky, sweaty gym bag. Yuck.

Brista Barrington

Monday, January 14, 2013

Wipeout Motor Mouth

Drew's birthday is like 4 months away, but he has already decided on his birthday theme. 


Yes, the ABC Game Show Wipeout. Really Drew?! How random. He does love the show though. It is quite hilarious. Dylan and him will create Wipeout courses with our couch cushions and pillows. It drives me completely crazy.

I tried to convince him to just do WWE again since I already have the supplies. Did not work. Boo.

But then I got on Pinterest and looked. Yes, me. I got on Pinterest. One who does not like to get ideas off  of Pinterest because that is what everyone does, but I did it and I came across this party...

I was sold. I could totally use this as inspiration. Granted Drew's birthday is not in the summer months, but we could have a "dry" Wipeout course and my awesome mother has an Inflatable business, so I can easily use her inflatables to create a course! It is like it was meant to be.

I immediately got excited and brainstormed ideas as I was sitting at my desk filling out a gizzillion billing forms. Blah. But I came up with some cute cute ideas!! So excited!

I totally began thinking this is totes going to be Amaze-fest USA!

I made the mistake of telling Drew I was back down with his Wipeout idea. His mind was just spitting out all kinds of obstacle course ideas. Can we say motor mouth?! My goodness he was going on and on and on like his head was just spinning with ideas. Ahhhhhhhh!!!

On my way home from vacuum cleaner shopping (which was a total loss) I was told to come by and pick up Drew from his cousin's ball game because he wanted to go home with me. I immediately thought, "Ah, how sweet. He wants to spend time with Mommy!" Nope. He got in the car and said "Mom, let's get home and draw out some obstacle courses and watch Wipeout." I was being used by my own child. Haha.

Yes Drew's party is 4 months away, but I am a planner. I like plenty of time to think about what I am going to do. Luckily I have this little guy to help me out!

Don't ya just love his Wipeout drawing?!?!

My husband thinks I am crazy, which is a normal thing, for planning so early! Ba-hum-bug.

Brista Barrington

Sunday, January 13, 2013

i heart january

I love January. Holidays are always so crazy so it is so nice to have a calm, relaxing, stress free month like January! 

I may jinx myself, but my kids have been very very lucky this season and have not been sick. PTL! However, I called the Doctor the other day to schedule flu shots and they told me they were out of shots for "private insurance" payers. Really?? That just does not make any sense to me whatsoever. Now, I have to call around asking about shots. Just great. I said, January has been nothing but relaxing and calm. 
A good friend of mine just had her baby! Miss Ellie Ruth Wilson. She is so stinkin sweet!

I already have baby fever times a million right now. 
(and ps-my husband does too, do not let him kid ya)

I could have sat and stared at this sweet girl all night!

I am back to my regular work schedule with Tuesdays off. Which means 1/2 day for "me" time and 1/2 day for Mommy/Dylan time.

Dylan falls asleep exactly the same way each time. He holds his ear and sucks his tongue. I will never ever forget this. Sometimes when we are in the car I hear him suck his tongue and don't even look back because I know he is about to fall asleep. 

Friday night Justin took the boys to meet Jabari Parker. I need correct myself here, I have been saying he is the next Lebron James, however, he is supposedly just as good as Lebron James. Not the NEXT Lebron James. 

He is supposed to be in the NBA in 2 years. He is going to play for Duke for one year then NBA. I guess they have a new rule High School kids can not be drafted right after high school. They have to be play for a college for at least a year. But Justin is not sad, Duke is his favorite! I am thinking of scheduling a little mini vacay to go watch him play for Duke in North Carolina. The assistant coaches on Jabari's team were texting pictures of the boys to Coach K saying something like "Little Duke fans. Future Duke PG's!"

The boys had a great time meeting him. They were so excited. They got his autograph and talked to him for a minute and watched him practice. 

My house is now full of basketball fanatics!!!

Speaking of basketball, Drew has his very 1st basketball game this week! He is so beyond excited! I am kinda excited too. This is a big big big deal with Daddy Bear! Wish him luck!!

That's pretty much all we have done so far this month and I am not complaining one bit.
This weekend has been such a great weekend. Drew has been in the same clothes since Friday night. I have bummed all weekend, doing my make up just once. I took a bath at 5pm on Friday night. So random. And I have not left the house once. 

Ahhhh. I love weekends like this!

Brista Barrington

Friday, January 11, 2013

Lyla is Sweet, Grab a Treat! {Candyland Birthday Party}

I had the pleasure of helping a friend with her little girl's 1st Birthday Party!

Miss Lyla's Mommy wanted to throw her a CandyLand Party! Cute idea, huh?? 
I so jealous.

Her Mommy asked me to take some pictures of her for the invitation. I was so very nervous. I am just learning how to use my camera in manual mode. But the pictures turned out FABULOUS!

We did the popular bohek background (since she is a Christmas Baby) and let her go to town on a sucker! How cute is this??!?! I mean for real, I do not think you can get much cuter!

She had lots and lots and lots of candy at her party!!

I had made the cupcake banner awhile back for another party I did and it went great with this theme! I was so happy to be able to reuse it!

Her Mama made this adorable gingerbread house out of a cardboard house. Didn't it turn out so cute?

She added this little street sign--Lyla Lane to the decor as well.

The party turned out amazing! Great friends. Great food. Great birthday girl.

She was so happy during the cake smashing time!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Lyla! So glad I got to help celebrate!!

Brista Barrington

Sunday, January 6, 2013

60 Days Until Disney!! Whhhhaaatt?!?!?

The countdown to Disney has reached 60 days!!
Woot woot!!
We are so excited!! I can not believe it is only 2 months away!
We booked all our dining reservations this weekend, so it seems so much more real.
So in celebration of this countdown--here's a recap of our second trip as a family to Disney.
We went for Justin's AAU Basketball. His teams played at the World Wide of Sports complex. Drew was a fresh 3 year old and Dylan not quite one yet.
Looking back at our pictures I did not get very many good ones. Ew.
I did get this quite funny one of Dylan eating a waffle. I remember he held that thing in one hand and went to town. He was a chunker and ate anything and everything.
Once we got to Disney Drew and Dylan's favorite favorite favorite ride was by far the Nemo Ride. We rode that thing over and over and over.
I wanted to eat the Coral Reef Restaurant so bad because I remember the Full House episode where Michelle goes missing. There was a scene at this restaurant. The food was delish!! My husband, not a big fan.
My all time favorite ride, hands down is the Teacups. I do not know why I love them so much, but I do.
Doesn't Dyl look like he is about to barf?!
Drew had a blast spinning!!
This was Dylan's 1st trip to Disney World so we had to take him on the Toy Story Ride. This ride is so neat. And the wait in line is so neat too. The detail they put into this is just remarkable.
We went in July this time around and it was scorching HOT! But, thankfully there is a lot of rides and shows in air conditioning, so it was not too bad.
Justin and I always try to do at least one date night. We usually end up at ESPN Sports Bar. Yay, so fun. (insert sarcasm) I tell ya, I am a really amazing wife.
Drew was a little swimmer. His favorite thing I remember him saying was "the pool." Really? Out of everything at Disney and he loves the pool?!?!
It was a great trip. The kids being so young still get to do everything everyone else can besides the big roller coasters. I had never rode Peter Pan before this trip. This was Drew's face during the whole ride. Priceless. And kinda freaky too...
EEEEEE!!! We canNOT wait to get back!!!
We have one night left for dinner reservations for just our family. Anyone have any suggestions on their favorite places to eat?? We want to do something different and fun!
Brista Barrington