Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Highlights!

2012 was for the most part a great year. There were some bumps in the road. Some, unexpected bumps that I have still yet to talk about, but we got through them and the good outweighed the bad by far.
Drew graduated Pre-K early Spring. How can this be?! He is NOT supposed to be this old. No way. No how. Impossible.
He was so ready for Kindergarten!!
Drew also celebrated his 5th Birthday!! FIVE!! 5 years old people!! Wowwwwaa!!
Of course we celebrated his birthday DrewMania Wrestling style. He wouldn't have it any other way! He even got to have his own wrestling match with a fresh from the real WWE wrestler. Literally, he had just had his own match in the WWE PPV the weekend before. He is Tyler's #1 fan.
Dylan realized that he wanted to be a fish once summer started. I could not keep this kid out of the water.  Drew also learned how to swim without floaties! Do you know how much less stressful it is to take your kids swimming once they actually know how to swim? Ahhh... So relaxing!
My baby sister got engaged and married this year!! We celebrated with a day of Bachlorette Party fun at her house complete with naked men pin ups and lingerie. It was a great day!
A few weeks after that I took two whole weeks off of work. That right there was probably the highlight of my year itself. It was so beyond the best two weeks ever.
I went on my first 2 day trip without my kids , with my girls to Chicago. We spent the weekend stalking eating at RPM, shopping, and seeing Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw in concert.
It was a BLAST!
Right as I got off the train from Chicago, we headed out with the boys for vacation in Destin, Florida.
It was so peaceful and relaxing and I did not want to come home!! Keep me there forever!!
A few weeks later we took Drew to his second WWE Match. It was the 1000th episode of Raw, so it was a special night. Lots of older wrestlers that my husband used to watch showed up and Drew had an absolute blast! Who knew I would be such an awesome boy mom?!
Lots of things went down in July including my sister getting married! She was married July 17, 2012 in the Virgin Islands.
August rolled around and it was time for Drew to head to the BIG school! He is now my Kindergarten child! :( He loves loves loves school! It was an emotional, crazy week for me. But I finally made it through!
We also celebrated my sister's recent marriage with her reception in Harrisburg. It was such a great, perfect, beautiful night!
In September we celebrated Dylan's 3rd Birthday!! THREE!!!
We spent the whole day celebrating with balloons. Really. Balloons went with us all day.
We celebrated his birthday with a To THREEinity and Beyond Buzz Lightyear birthday party. He had a blast and of course ended up in his birthday suit! ;)
A few days after Dylan's 3rd Birthday it was time for him to start school. Now this hit me hard. This is my baby and I was seeing him off to his first day of school. Where in the world does time go? Seriously.
What else was a highlight this year? Our first broken bone. Dylan broke his shoulder. He was so pitiful. It was the toughest few days EVER! He eventually was released from the Orthopedist 12 weeks later.
I also had my 10 year High School Reunion this year. It was so nice to hang out with my old friends. It was just like old times. It was like we had not even been separated at all! Fabulous night!
The Cardinals made it to the playoffs again this year. Woot woot!
 (Can you hear the sarcasm in that?)
So of course, ya know The Barrington's attended.
It was fun though all joking aside. It makes my kids happy, so it makes me happy!
We hosted our annual Halloween Boo Bash dressed as my favorite couple, The Rancic's.
I was disappointed in my outfit, so I dressed up as Giuliana one more time with my girls from work.
The boys celebrated their Halloween as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They were the cutest little turtles out there!
Drew went hunting for the first time with his Grandpa Bruce. That is all he talks about now. He has gained a new obsession!
I hosted my first Thanksgiving and rocked cooking the turkey. Best turkey I have eaten if I do say so myself. No kidding.
December was filled with lots of love, including my middle sister getting engaged!!
Justin and I also celebrated our 4 year anniversary!
We spent the last days of 2012 celebrating lots of Christmases! And I mean LOTS! It was a wonderful Christmas season!
So 2012 was a pretty awesome year. Of course we did many many other things like lots of sports for Drew and lots of cleaning up after Dylan's adventures! We spent a lot of time with our friends who are a big part of our life as well.
We look forward to 2013! I predict that 2013 will be filled with lots of babies and baby announcements!!  We also have a big wedding coming up this year--Brittany and Kreig's big day is in August! And I turn the ol' dreadful 30 in October!!
I can not wait to see what 2013 has coming for The Barrington's!
We rang in 2013 with friends and had a fantabulous time!
Here's to 2013!!!
Brista Barrington


  1. The past was so beautiful and I enjoyed watching the pictures a lot.

  2. Actually past is a really nice place to visit. We can memorise the sweet things we did. Your photos show the exact story of your last year. I love that story.