Sunday, January 6, 2013

60 Days Until Disney!! Whhhhaaatt?!?!?

The countdown to Disney has reached 60 days!!
Woot woot!!
We are so excited!! I can not believe it is only 2 months away!
We booked all our dining reservations this weekend, so it seems so much more real.
So in celebration of this countdown--here's a recap of our second trip as a family to Disney.
We went for Justin's AAU Basketball. His teams played at the World Wide of Sports complex. Drew was a fresh 3 year old and Dylan not quite one yet.
Looking back at our pictures I did not get very many good ones. Ew.
I did get this quite funny one of Dylan eating a waffle. I remember he held that thing in one hand and went to town. He was a chunker and ate anything and everything.
Once we got to Disney Drew and Dylan's favorite favorite favorite ride was by far the Nemo Ride. We rode that thing over and over and over.
I wanted to eat the Coral Reef Restaurant so bad because I remember the Full House episode where Michelle goes missing. There was a scene at this restaurant. The food was delish!! My husband, not a big fan.
My all time favorite ride, hands down is the Teacups. I do not know why I love them so much, but I do.
Doesn't Dyl look like he is about to barf?!
Drew had a blast spinning!!
This was Dylan's 1st trip to Disney World so we had to take him on the Toy Story Ride. This ride is so neat. And the wait in line is so neat too. The detail they put into this is just remarkable.
We went in July this time around and it was scorching HOT! But, thankfully there is a lot of rides and shows in air conditioning, so it was not too bad.
Justin and I always try to do at least one date night. We usually end up at ESPN Sports Bar. Yay, so fun. (insert sarcasm) I tell ya, I am a really amazing wife.
Drew was a little swimmer. His favorite thing I remember him saying was "the pool." Really? Out of everything at Disney and he loves the pool?!?!
It was a great trip. The kids being so young still get to do everything everyone else can besides the big roller coasters. I had never rode Peter Pan before this trip. This was Drew's face during the whole ride. Priceless. And kinda freaky too...
EEEEEE!!! We canNOT wait to get back!!!
We have one night left for dinner reservations for just our family. Anyone have any suggestions on their favorite places to eat?? We want to do something different and fun!
Brista Barrington


  1. I am so jealous! I can not wait until Carter's first trip to Disney & this is giving me the itch to schedule a vacation!!


    1. It's so fun! He will have a blast no matter what age!! :)

  2. Wow, nice pictures and I’m really glad to see them.