Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ball Boy

Well, we all know that I live in a house full of obsessed basketball fanatics. I think I have talked complained about it enough. ;)

One of our good friends, Kyle, is the new John A Logan College basketball coach. His wife and I have been friends for many many years and they are actually the reason I met Justin. Justin and Kyle were college roommates. Nowadays, as us wifeys are busy being Mommy's, the husbands probably speak more than we do. I am not kidding either. Like once a day at least. It's ridic the amount of basketball these two cats talk.

Anywho, Drew was ball boy for Kyle and his team the other night. He was so so so excited until we walked into the gym.  He changed his mind last second and I just knew he was not going to do it. Ugh. But finally Daddy convinced him with a Gatorade. Ha.

Good thing, because look at the smile on that kids face. He was in heaven. He just loved it.

Look at him just "chillin" there watched the boys warm up. He's such a little P-I-M-P.

He makes his Mama so proud. Like, I just can not get enough of him!

Ya know, what ever Drew does Dylan wants to do also. So at halftime Dylan helped as well.

I was a little nervous about this one. I could just picture Dylan rolling that thing out onto the court and either running it into the players on purpose, dumping all the balls out and letting them roll all over the court, or just getting butt naked (like usual) and streaking across the ball court.

BUT, none of that happened and he did a great job.

I just love my little mini basketball fanatic boys.

Part of me wants to have another boy. I have the boy thing down. There is something super special about a Mommy-Son bond. It is like no other.

I will be that Mom in the crowds with my son's name on my shirt hooping and hollering for my kids. Who would have ever ever thought???

Brista Barrington

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