Sunday, January 13, 2013

i heart january

I love January. Holidays are always so crazy so it is so nice to have a calm, relaxing, stress free month like January! 

I may jinx myself, but my kids have been very very lucky this season and have not been sick. PTL! However, I called the Doctor the other day to schedule flu shots and they told me they were out of shots for "private insurance" payers. Really?? That just does not make any sense to me whatsoever. Now, I have to call around asking about shots. Just great. I said, January has been nothing but relaxing and calm. 
A good friend of mine just had her baby! Miss Ellie Ruth Wilson. She is so stinkin sweet!

I already have baby fever times a million right now. 
(and ps-my husband does too, do not let him kid ya)

I could have sat and stared at this sweet girl all night!

I am back to my regular work schedule with Tuesdays off. Which means 1/2 day for "me" time and 1/2 day for Mommy/Dylan time.

Dylan falls asleep exactly the same way each time. He holds his ear and sucks his tongue. I will never ever forget this. Sometimes when we are in the car I hear him suck his tongue and don't even look back because I know he is about to fall asleep. 

Friday night Justin took the boys to meet Jabari Parker. I need correct myself here, I have been saying he is the next Lebron James, however, he is supposedly just as good as Lebron James. Not the NEXT Lebron James. 

He is supposed to be in the NBA in 2 years. He is going to play for Duke for one year then NBA. I guess they have a new rule High School kids can not be drafted right after high school. They have to be play for a college for at least a year. But Justin is not sad, Duke is his favorite! I am thinking of scheduling a little mini vacay to go watch him play for Duke in North Carolina. The assistant coaches on Jabari's team were texting pictures of the boys to Coach K saying something like "Little Duke fans. Future Duke PG's!"

The boys had a great time meeting him. They were so excited. They got his autograph and talked to him for a minute and watched him practice. 

My house is now full of basketball fanatics!!!

Speaking of basketball, Drew has his very 1st basketball game this week! He is so beyond excited! I am kinda excited too. This is a big big big deal with Daddy Bear! Wish him luck!!

That's pretty much all we have done so far this month and I am not complaining one bit.
This weekend has been such a great weekend. Drew has been in the same clothes since Friday night. I have bummed all weekend, doing my make up just once. I took a bath at 5pm on Friday night. So random. And I have not left the house once. 

Ahhhh. I love weekends like this!

Brista Barrington

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