Sunday, January 20, 2013

We have our 1st baller, folks!

Just a couple of warnings before you even start reading this post:

1. There will be a bombardment of pictures.
2. They will mostly be in black and white. I have a newly found obsession with black and white pictures again.
3. The quality is not that great. I need to work more on figuring out shutter speed. Plus the lighting was quite weird in the gym.

Now that you have been warned. Picture #1.

This just makes my heart tingle!!!
He was so so so so excited for basketball. As y'all know my husband is a basketball fanatic. Like completely ridic. So this was a long time a coming!
And it meant oh so much that he was actually excited to play.

He has been shooting hoops since he was in his crib. No lie. I have picture to prove it. Justin would pull the hoop up to his crib so he could shoot. Again, ridic.

He packed his little gym bag before we left with basketball socks and his Jordan's. Is it weird that it made me tear up?! Gosh, he is going so darn big!

Come on Mom! Enough with the pictures! I want to play ball!!! :)

He did so great playing. He made 3 BASKETS! ( I say baskets dramatically because I called it goals before which apparently was wrong. Whatevs. I haven't figured out the basketball lingo quite yet.)

Justin said he played his best at defense. Don't ya love his little stance???

The next few pictures I just could not narrow down. It just shows how serious he is about his ballgame. He just might grow up to beat his Daddy's high school scoring record.

He got to shoot his first free throw too!! He missed. But that's okay.

The whole team did pretty darn good for Kindergartners. They played mostly 1st graders and they all said: "we smoked em' coach!" Justin loves coaching. Even if it is the youngest players out there. He really is good at what he does.

Don't they look like the next Dream Team?!

I do not know what we are going to do when basketball is over. He is going to be bummed. But luckily he goes with Daddy every Sunday to Daddy's basketball, so that'll hold him over until next season!

I can not wait to see how much better the team plays at the end of this season. They were pretty darn good for the first game. We might have ourselves the next state champions of high school basketball right here!

This will be the cutest picture ever when these two best buds grow up! ;)

And on an ending note: Mommy also opened up and had to clean my first stinky, sweaty gym bag. Yuck.

Brista Barrington

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  1. Now, he has surely got the moves and I’d love to see more pictures of the game.