Monday, January 14, 2013

Wipeout Motor Mouth

Drew's birthday is like 4 months away, but he has already decided on his birthday theme. 


Yes, the ABC Game Show Wipeout. Really Drew?! How random. He does love the show though. It is quite hilarious. Dylan and him will create Wipeout courses with our couch cushions and pillows. It drives me completely crazy.

I tried to convince him to just do WWE again since I already have the supplies. Did not work. Boo.

But then I got on Pinterest and looked. Yes, me. I got on Pinterest. One who does not like to get ideas off  of Pinterest because that is what everyone does, but I did it and I came across this party...

I was sold. I could totally use this as inspiration. Granted Drew's birthday is not in the summer months, but we could have a "dry" Wipeout course and my awesome mother has an Inflatable business, so I can easily use her inflatables to create a course! It is like it was meant to be.

I immediately got excited and brainstormed ideas as I was sitting at my desk filling out a gizzillion billing forms. Blah. But I came up with some cute cute ideas!! So excited!

I totally began thinking this is totes going to be Amaze-fest USA!

I made the mistake of telling Drew I was back down with his Wipeout idea. His mind was just spitting out all kinds of obstacle course ideas. Can we say motor mouth?! My goodness he was going on and on and on like his head was just spinning with ideas. Ahhhhhhhh!!!

On my way home from vacuum cleaner shopping (which was a total loss) I was told to come by and pick up Drew from his cousin's ball game because he wanted to go home with me. I immediately thought, "Ah, how sweet. He wants to spend time with Mommy!" Nope. He got in the car and said "Mom, let's get home and draw out some obstacle courses and watch Wipeout." I was being used by my own child. Haha.

Yes Drew's party is 4 months away, but I am a planner. I like plenty of time to think about what I am going to do. Luckily I have this little guy to help me out!

Don't ya just love his Wipeout drawing?!?!

My husband thinks I am crazy, which is a normal thing, for planning so early! Ba-hum-bug.

Brista Barrington


  1. Oh my goodness gracious! That party would be the! How fun would that be for the kiddos?!

  2. The drawing is adorable & I love the theme, I haven't heard of a wipeout party but how fun does that sound!!


    1. Thanks!! I am sure the kids are going to have a BLAST!