Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Watch out Mickey! No, like for real, watch out...

I think we all know I am a tid bit a lot of bit excited about Disney World!

We are down to 16 days people. 16 days and we are hanging out with Mickey.

I think I have just been really pumped up because Kelly Ripa and her side kick Michael are hosting their show all week from Disney World. So, I come home and immediately turn on the DVR.

I stalk all the bystanders to see what they are wearing. I am a little bit stressed about what to pack to wear. We have always went in the summer months, this time, there is no telling what the weather will be. So, double packing it is. This kinda gives me an excuse for the unnecessary over packing of shoes.

I am super duper excited about seeing the new Beauty & the Beast castle. Like, it for real gives me butterflies. I'm like a little kid. But Belle is my favorite favorite princess. So much so, I seriously sat on Etsy last night searching for an age appropriate Belle shirt to wear. Couldn't find one. Wonder why? Adults want to be all themed up too Etsy craft ladies!!! So instead, I'll settle for this...

Oh yes, folks. Daddy Bear is wearing it. He just does not know it yet. Well, he does now if he is reading. You're welcome Ju. You love me.

I have a couple of goals this time around.

1. Take more pictures. Better pictures. I am always that person who feels bad for taking up the character's time and I'm like "Okay, kids. Let's let them move on." Not this time. You are staying and hanging for a little while with the Barrington's, Pluto.

2. Family photo with funny Disney hats. We have decided, I am Minnie (of course), Drew is Mickey, Dylan is Goofy (imagine that), and Daddy is Donald Duck. This should be interesting. We usually go for the plain ol Mickey hats. Not this time, we are theming it up even more.

My husband is probably thinking "oh lord. she is going overboard." :)

That's pretty much my only two goals. Lots of pics and funny hats. That's it. Not too bad.

Now, my closest friends know I am not a Pinterest-fanatic. Not really a huge fan like others, however, I hopped on the other day and some Disney things were on my homepage by surprise. It's like Pinterest knew I was going to Disney World. I began searching for Disney World Photo ideas. I came across this website:

Ahhh..look at this picture:

I hope to get some pictures like this girl. I'm already totally jealous of her because I know I probably won't do it. I'll be paranoid I am taking up someone else's time with Donald Duck and I'll rush through it. Or I'll get panicked because I won't get my settings right then I'll just flip it to auto mode to get the pictures. Oh I can just picture it now. main worry? I'll give you one little guess....DYLAN!

He has settled down on his little adventures and painting carpet and walls. However, I'm quite nervous about what he is going to do when meeting the characters.

Do I even want to tell you what he said he was going to do?
Okay, I will.

Mommy: "Dylan, are you going to hug and get pictures with Mickey when you see him? What are you going to do when you meet him?"

Dylan: "No. Uhm, I'm going to poop on him."

Oh lordy lordy. I'm so nervous Mickey is going to get punched in the not so fabulous region of his.

So watch out Mickey!


Brista Barrington

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