Saturday, April 13, 2013

Disney Recap {Day One}

Well, here she goes....the beginning of the Disney Recap. I have decided to do this chronologically. This little blog space here is after all my "scrapbook" and my OCDness wants everything in order.
Day One:
After checking into our hotel and getting things situated (again OCDness) we headed off to Epcot!
We were there a week after the Disney Flower and Garden Festival so we seen some ahhhmazing flowers. They were seriously to die for. Check out these characters. Is this not awesome or what??
First things first at Epcot: TEST TRACK!
 We waited forever to get on but it was worth it. It was Drew's first time riding and he loved it!

Hehehe. The picture above cracks me up. He was so concerned I was going to lose my phone. He was yelling at me to put it away.
Since we had gotten to the park late afternoon all the Fast Passes were handed out for the two big rides there. I was not about to wait 2 hours to ride Soarin. 2 hours with a 5 year old and a 3 year old. No thank you.
So we headed off to Nemo and this is where Dylan's obsession with the Mickey Ear ice cream bars started.

This child and his ice cream/Popsicle obsession on this vacation was beyond ridiculous. I got out of line for a ride once because he was crying so bad for a Popsicle. But at least he did not strip his clothes off and go streaking down Main Street U.S.A.
We did not get to walk around the countries which is my favorite part of Epcot and I was kind of bummed about that, but we did get to meet some of the characters before the night was over.
So just go ahead and excuse this bombardment of pictures. I am trying to limit the picture overload on these posts, but Pluto loved the boys and I could not stop snapping!
Love this one of all the grand kids. You can barely see Peyton though...
Pluto tickled and hugged Dylan for a good minute. (Which is kinda a big deal because most of the characters/photographers try and rush you through.)
Dylan loved loved loved it!!
Drew joined in on the fun...
So, it seems as if we did not do too much this day now that I am re-capping it. Haha. But we did not get to the park until about 3 in the afternoon. We knew we had a big Magic Kingdom day the next day and wanted to be sure to be all rested up for it so we had a pretty early night as well.
Epcot is one of the most beautiful parks for sure. I loved seeing all the flowers from their recent flower show. They were far more pretty in person!
On our way out we ended up getting a pretty awesome family picture in front of the ball...
Can't wait to head back already! :)
Brista Barrington

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