Sunday, April 21, 2013

Disney Recap {Day Four}

Day Four
Day Four was a pretty simple day. We started out at Magic Kingdom. The weather the whole time we were down there was pretty perfect. Shorts during the day and a light jacket at night.
This morning however was quite a bit chilly. It began to rain and got pretty cold.
Made for a yucky morning.
But all the rain and coldness could not stop me from being sooooo excited about seeing Belle's castle!
I feel like you go through stages in your life.
1. You are little and LOVE Disney Princesses.
2. You are older and are "too cool" for them.
3. You are even older and have a whole new LOVE for them.
Beauty & the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies. I think we all know that if or when we decide on Baby #3 and it's a girl her name is Belle. Not Bella. Not Isabelle. Belle. Ah. Love it.
Anywho... we made plans to eat lunch at Belle's castle for lunch. Best. Decision. Ever.
Lunch is considered a "counter service" and dinner offers a show with it. I did not care what we ate. I just wanted in that castle to see all the rooms.
It was beyond gorgeous! The details they put into these places on Disney grounds is just amazing to me. I was obsessed. Of course.
Right outside these windows they made it look like it was snowing. So much more beautiful in person.
The whole room. Is this not perfect or is it perfect???
And I was fascinated by THE ROSE...
And I have to mention they offer the most delicious strawberry cupcake on Earth.
After being all goo goo gah gah over the Castle the rain had let up and we set out for some more fun!
Dylan rode his first roller coaster. This little daredevil of course loved it.
We rode the teacups for the 68th time. I wanted a good picture of the kids on the Teacups. I got plenty! :)
What is more fun that spinning on the teacups AND picking your nose???!!
We only spent a few hours at the park this day. It was kind of our "nothing planned day."
Later that night we headed to Downtown Disney and ate at T-Rex. If you have little boys that love dinosaurs this place is for them. It was really neat.
Since we went on Spring Break this year Drew had lots of friends that were down there as well, so we could not pass up meeting them.
This made him so happy.
That's a wrap for Day Four. Not too much went down.
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