Sunday, April 21, 2013

Disney Recap {Day Six}

Day Six
We spent all day on Day Six at Magic Kingdom. The weather could not have been any more perfect.
The kids wore their "themed" hats again. So Mommy was not alone in wearing the Minnie ears every single day. Ha.
They stood here forever just letting me snap away. Love them for that!
We had a lot done pretty much by this point. So we decided to do some things that we had not done the plain ol' People Mover.
And we rode the Teacups one last time. Sad moment.
And we ate even more Mickey Ear chocolate bars...(of course)
Then came the most fabulous way to end a trip to Disney World...
but before...I just love this one of Daddy and Dyl waiting in line for Belle's Story Time.
So ya know Belle's new Story Time was a MUST do. Her story time is actually an interactive play that the kids get to join. Little did I know Drew would get picked to play THE BEAST!!!
You can only imagine my expression and excitement at the time he was chosen. Did these people secretly know that Beauty & the Beast was my fav??!??!
I tell ya, it's that Disney Magic! :)
He did GRRRREEEAAT!!!!!!
I can not wait to edit our Disney video and show y'all!
He first had to jump and act like he scared her. Success!!!!!!!
Then he got to ball room dance with her. Seriously, this brought me to tears. My gosh this boy is so grown up. It was such a special special moment. One I will never ever ever forget.
Best. Moment. Ever.
We met up again with Drew's best friend, Parker and family for a few hours.
These kids are inseparable.
Then the day was over. Gone. It seemed as if it all went by way too quickly.
We went back to the room, packed, and headed out for our last dinner just the four of us at Whispering Canyon.
We actually had plans to meet up with another family this night, but we all go so busy we had to cancel the reservations and never got to meet up with them. So we had to decide kinda last minute where to eat.
We decided Whispering Canyon because we knew we liked it and knew the boys would love yelling for the ketchup.
We ended up with 26 bottles of ketchup on our table. Hehehe. The boys thought it was so fun.
If you do not know what they do here, when you need ketchup, your waiter/waitress YELLS and I mean YELLS along with yourself and others "WE NEED KETCHUP!!" Then you take ALL the ketchup to the table. So, we got our ketchup and then took all the ketchup to the next family that yelled for it. Such a neat thing.
That was it. We went home and headed for bed. It was sad knowing it was our last night there.
And ya think I was overreacting over Dylan being obsessed with his balloon. Look here...
The balloon even needed to sleep with him.
See ya later Magic Kingdom! Can not wait to come back soon!!!!
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