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Disney Recap {Day Three}

Day Three
We spent day three at Hollywood Studios. This was the only day that we spent a whole day at the park.
There were lots and lots of character Meet N Greets and not so many rides, so it was not a favorite of Drew's, but it was right up Dylan's alley.

We had lunch reservations at Mama Melrose's. O.M.G. It was delic! Doesn't touch RPM, but it was great. Just ask these two little spaghetti and meatball eaters.

Right outside of Mama Melrose's is the 3D Muppet Show. It was quite colorful and Dylan wanted a picture beside each and every color. "Mommy, take a picture of me here. Now here, Mommy. Now this color, Mommy!" What a stinkin hoot.
Next up, Lightning McQueen and Mater. Who doesn't love the movie CARS?!
Drew examined, and I mean examined Mater for a good 2 minutes. He was amazed by it.
We then met up with the rest of the group and went to the Backlot. This is where Dylan cried and cried for his dang Popsicle. I got out of line to get it and some how passed everyone in line to catch back up with the group. I may have made some hit lists after that one.
We did a lot of walking around Hollywood Studios this time around. I was fascinated with the "Singing in the Rain" umbrella. Like, we took a gazillion pictures.

Bahaha. I can't help but crack up at Dyl trying so so hard to hang on.
We had not done the 3D Muppet Show before, so it was a must on our list. It was quite good.
The boys loved it anyways...
Then we met even more characters.
One character that was a must for Drew was Wreck It Ralph. Oh my gosh, he was pumped to say the least.
Just throwing in a family pic here...

Justin and I got to enjoy a roller coaster ride just the two of us. Most people are shocked I ride roller coasters with my anxiety, but I LOVE them. So so so fun. And Aerosmith is awesome.

(Excuse the pic of pic IPhone pic)

Oh my goodness, the Fantasmic show here at Hollywood Studios was so amazing. Yet, again something we had never done before. I do not have any pictures, only video, but it is seriously a Disney must do.
After the Fantasmic show we headed to the Toy Story area to finish up the night.
Here's Dyl once again making sure Woody signs precisely where he wants! :)

Another Disney must do is Toy Story Mania. We saved the best for last.
And oh goodness, just let me tell ya about Dylan and this balloon. We had bought a balloon the day before at Magic Kingdom. Well, it was stolen. He was so upset about it. So, we promised him we would get another. I searched hi and low for the balloon man. Finally, when I found him he was out of the balloons that Dylan wanted! He said he would be back in about an hour and half after he blew some more up.
You better be sure I hunted that balloon guy down again.This time we took the balloon straight to the hotel. Really though, who steals a child's balloon?!?!
Overall, it was a great day at Hollywood Studios. Drew says there were not enough rides. I think it fits more of Dylan's age group. This next July when we go back, we are skipping Hollywood Studios completely, but we have done it many times. There are a lot of Disney must do's there if you have never been.
And what's an ending without a family photo...
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