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Disney Recap {Day Two}

Day Two

Day two I was super duper excited! Magic Kingdrom y'all! THIS to me is Disney: TeaCups, Cinderella's Castle, much to do!!

AND...this was the day we were wearing our matching family shirts! Shout out to Daddy who did not even say a word about it. Such a trooper with my crazy/themeing ideas.

I ordered these adorable matching family shirts from My Little Legacy shop off of Etsy. OMG. Check her whole shop out. For real. Cutest little stuff I've ever seen. If when we have Baby #3 I am definitely going to remember these ladies.

We also decided each of us would be a character for the week. So first thing we went and bought our hats/ears. Isn't everything so much more fun when you theme it up??!!

As we were walking toward the castle we caught the end of the Shake It Up parade. It looked like so much fun. The kids were dancing with the characters on the streets, so we knew we had to get back to watch the whole thing.

After we strategically planned what to FastPass and what to wait in line for we headed to DUMBO.

Dumbo is new this year. Instead of waiting in line, you get a pager and the kids can play in a Circus themed playground. It was really quite neat.

And of course I got the most adorbs pics eva.

Since I am the photographer I get the ol' I-Phone pics...

Because I kept my 50mm lens on most of the time I caught this close up of my Dumbo partner.

We of course stopped for many more Mickey Ear ice cream bars.

After being filled up with some sweets, we caught a place to watch the Dreams Come True Parade.

Mickey waved right at the boys!

I was so excited because Dylan was tall enough to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but right before our FastPass time to return as we were eating lunch, once again, puke re-visited us. Yay. Seriously Clark? Come on! We are on vacation! After he got sick he was fine. Story of the weird sickness. So needless to say I was not about to let him on his first roller coaster ride, so it was just Justin, Drew, and I.

Then came the best ride ever...TEACUPS! I could ride these things over and over and over. I just love it.

Caught this cute picture as we were waiting in line.

As we finished up some more rides it was finally time to meet Buzz Lightyear.

Dylan was very particular where he wanted his autographs. As you can tell in this next picture, he is making sure Buzz does it right.

Look at this Mickey Eared cutey.

Can you tell it was about nap time for him??

Cinderella's Castle is just absolutely gorgeous and you have to eat there at least once. The food has been my fave so far.

As we waited for the Shake It Up Parade we seen earlier to start, there was a show going on in front of the castle. Drew was mesmerized. He stood in this very spot just watching.

Dylan, however, was not very mesmerized. Ha.

In the meantime I took another photo-op.

The Shake It Up parade was so fun. It's loud and crazy. The kids get to get on the streets with the Disney Characters and dance. It was my favorite parade to watch.

Here is Drew showing off his awesome dance moves...

As we were walking away from the end of the parade, we passed Donald Duck. We told Drew to wave at Donald and show him his hat. Donald pointed to his head and made a motion to tell Drew he was smart for picking a Donald Hat. Justin got a little too excited and told him to go give Donald a hug. Uhm hello Justin! Donald is on a float. So Drew proceeds to try and climb ON the float. Like 5 workers rushed after him. He was so embarrassed. And while I am trying to rush after him with Dylan in my arms yelling NO! NO! NO! Justin is snapping away with pictures and captured this moment.

Luckily as you can tell the workers were not at all mad and Donald felt so bad for Drew.

So that kind of was a conclusion to our first day at Magic Kingdom. Drew was so embarrassed and thought he was in trouble that he buried himself in the stroller and fell asleep.

So we took a Monorail Ride to Chef Mickey's for our dinner reservations. We took about an hour break just resting in the lobby.

Then once again as we are waiting Dylan decided it is time to throw up again. Please?!?!

The boys met Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, and Donald once more...

It was finally time to head back to the hotel. Whew. It had been a long day. Obviously we did a lot a more rides and shows that are not pictured, so we were exhausted.

Dylan, however, got a second wind and decided to become a model as we waited for the others outside the lobby.

This child here is the child who randomly had been getting sick for weeks now. Thankfully, that was the last we heard of the pukeyness.

We all sure did get a great night of sleep this night!

In case you missed it...

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  1. I love it!!! You have so many great captures! :o) Did you use your 50mm most of the time? I brought mine along but never ended up using it. Looks great!!

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