Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just the beginning...{Disney Recap}

So it is has been a full month since we left for Disney and I still have not gotten to re-capping the vacation. I figured I better get this show on the road before I start forgetting details that I want to remember.
I still have about 400 pictures to go through. This is literally taking F.O.R.E.V.E.R.
One of my goals this trip was to take more pictures. Well,  I have to say I succeeded and I went above and beyond and am totes regretting it. My goodness, Brista.
I have still not yet figured out how I am going to wrap up the vacation into different posts. Day by day?? Stories by stories?? I have no idea.
But let's just get there first.
I decided last minute that I would be okay to fly. Whom I kidding? I wouldn't have, but it would have been a lot of a quicker trip if we did and maybe not such a pukey one too. Probably just me in the airplane bathroom. That's usually where you can find me when I fly.
Anywho. Tickets skyrocketed to a gazillion dollars to fly. So we drove. Took us a whole 14 hours to get there. And we drove the whole way through. Despite the puke/car sickness we just kept driving. We would say we would get to a certain point and get a hotel. But when we reached that point, we decided to keep going. This landed us all the way to Disney. The kids were ahhhmazing in the car, so we took full advantage.
A nice relaxing nice at a hotel with a full nights rest was just what we needed after traveling a whole day. 4 am to 6pm.
The next day we woke up and we headed straight to check in to the hotel.
Hello Disney World!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EEEEK.. This just gives me such an burst of energy!
When we got the hotel, I was in awe. O.M.G. This place was to die for.
We stayed at the new Art of Animation. It was beyond so freakin' awesome.
We have stayed in other resorts on Disney grounds and this by far is the best. Especially if you have little ones like me. Perfect-o!
The front where you check in was covered in paintings of Disney characters.

In Disney everything is so detailed. So I should not have expected anything less that perfect at this new resort. This place was just so amazing. I literally never want to stay anywhere else again and at this point the front check in is all I had seen.

The boys were so excited to finally be here!

As we unpacked our bags there were little Disney Artist drawing stations for the kids to draw.

While Daddy was checking in and they took our luggage up to the room we walked around the resort for a little bit. The CARS section was probably my favorite. Oh, I cannot wait to show y'all the pics of this place!! It deserves it own post.

So that's that. That's how we got to Disney. Not a very fun post, but I want to remember each detail. After all that's why I write at this little place called Meet the Barrington's! :)

Oh! And guess what?? We are going back to Disney World in July. For basketball. But this time, we are flying. (Please pray for me.) And we are not only flying to Disney. We are also thinking about going to Key West a couple days before to visit family. So I will be flying 3 different times. One of those time will be to fly home by myself with the kids so Justin can stay longer for basketball and I can get back for some things we have going on that weekend. What am I thinking? I seriously MUST be coming down with something.

Drew is going to have to take care of me and his brother on the plane!!!

Brista Barrington

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