Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Easter Bunny Came!! The Easter Bunny Came!!

This Easter weekend was ahhhmazing. I love being with my family. Maybe it is because I am the only one who lives away. I do not get to see them all the time, so I love love love spending time with them. No lie. No joke.

The boys are just at the most perfect age for all things holidays! They had so much fun hunting Easter Eggs.

Can you tell????

Dylan felt the need to open each egg one by one by one.

I, of course, had to get some pictures of my two favorite little nuggets. I loved their little Easter outfits. They were so stinkin' adorably cute. I could not stop kissing their cute little faces and telling them how cute they were.

But do not let me kid ya. To get the awesome picture above. I had to go through the following...

Haha. Yep. Little rascals.

After Easter morning at home we headed out to Church. We had not been to church in such a long time. It felt so good to be there. Like, that is where I belong. We cannot wait to get back into Church and teaching the word of God to Drew and Dylan. This was by far the best part about Easter.

We then headed out to my Mema's for our annual Easter.

Drew won the least amount of eggs found. He got a whooping 4 eggs. How? I do not know. But he was excited to win some money out of it. :)

Dylan was running around like a mad man. I do not even know if he was hunting eggs. He was just running.

Brandy, I will be nice and not post the modeling pictures AKA you almost falling. Instead, I will steal your picture.

We THEN (yes, we go a gazillion places for Easter) headed out for my Mother's house.

I had to get drug off the couch to play Easter Bunny, so I decided to hide the eggs my own way.

And this was the outcome...

Look at that beautiful display of pastel colored eggs all over the lawn! :)

I had to throw this ornery little picture of Dylan in. Does that face not spell pure orneriness?!?!

While I was in town my Mom, Brandy, and I went to the nursing home to see my Papa. Apparently he has been to Italy with a friend of his from the past. I asked what he did there and he says "Well, it was really not a very expensive trip." Ha. Oh Papa. His stories are so cute and funny, but yet it is so sad to see him that way. When we left we gave him hugs and he says "That's some good lovin right there." :)

Once we got back into town our last stop included Justin's parents where we not only celebrated Easter, but three birthdays as well including Justin's coming up this week.

I also managed to get this fabulous picture of the Grandkids. I am obsessed with it.  Love love love it.

We were exhausted by the time we got home, but it was probably one of my most favorite Easter yet.

I think the holidays become better and better each year. 1. The holidays just become better when you have kids. But when they grow up I think it just gets more and more amazing.

I think everything becomes more amazing as they get older. For the new Moms out there, you think you are in love with your babies now, just wait to they grow older. I think I fall more in love with these boys each and every day.

Hope everyone had just as great of an Easter as we did!

Brista Barrington


  1. Very adorable family. You have two cute little angels. Best wishes for your cute family.

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