Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dear Tooth Fairy...

Yesterday at work I get an unexpected text from my Mother in Law that says:
"Drew wants you to know he has a loose tooth."

Really? That sucker came out of no where! But I knew he would be so excited. He has been so eager to loose a tooth. Lots of his friends at school had already lost up to six teeth. But we kept telling him it would happen soon. Justin and I neither one lost our first tooth until we were in 1st grade. And secretly I was not ready for the toothless look. ESPECIALLY the top teeth.

I came home from work and he was working so hard on wiggling the little guy. I felt it myself and jumped with excitement telling Justin that thing was coming out tonight. It was so loose.

Drew wanted to try eating an apple to see if that would get it. He would take a bite then ask me if it was out. Ha.

 (And Dylan thought he needed to have a loose tooth too...)

He tried that for about 10 minutes then it began to really hurt him so he stopped. As I was in my closet getting things ready for the next day, he was in there with me wiggling it in the mirror. I told him to grab the top of it and pull. He did and it CAME RIGHT OUT!

We both screamed in excitement!!

Seriously though?! How can one itty bitty little missing tooth all of a sudden make him look two years older. Really? How? 

This child is a night owl, however, he was so excited to go to sleep so the tooth fairy would visit.

All of this came so unexpected that I totally forgot I wanted to get him a tooth fairy pillow. My boss had been making them and showing them to me, so I immediately text her to see if she had some.

Dyl and I headed over to her house and she whipped this cuteness right up for me...

Drew also wrote a note to the tooth fairy that stated:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I want a 100 dollar bill, 2 pennies, and 3 quarters.



I told him to definitely not expect that much. Ha.

 Gosh darn, he looks so big. I am surprised I didn't cry. I think I just get so excited because he gets so excited. 

He later walked up to me in a dead serious voice. "Mommy, I think I have another loose tooth." Sure enough it was. I think the second one will be out in just a few days.

I had to get the going rate for a tooth these days. Justin and I decided $5 and some gold fairy dust (my idea, obviously not his :) ) would do.

He wanted to check to see if the tooth fairy came first thing when he woke up. 
And somehow photofanatic Mommy forgot to get a picture...:(

What a great night!!!
So much fun playing the tooth fairy!
 I thought all the amazing, exciting milestones were pretty much a goner after they are not babies anymore, but I forget about these special moments I still have to come!

Brista Barrington

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