Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Drew's 6th WIPEOUT Birthday Bash

I decided this year for Drew I was not going to go all out like I did for his DrewMania Party or Dylan's to THREEinity and Beyond.
I thought all that hard work and money I put into the party and it's over in two hours?!?!
I am proud to say that I saved lots of moolah by not going all out this year. Holla.
When Drew told me he wanted a WIPEOUT birthday party, I immediately thought OBSTACLE COURSE!
Then I thought...ooohhh..MUDPIT!!!
Then I thought...oh, the Mom's are going to hate me! Ha.
My mother has an inflatable business, so this was going to be a piece of cake. I would create a WIPEOUT Course in our backyard, have cake and ice cream, and let the kids play!
Instead, the weather decided to play tricks on me.
6 days before the party I checked the forecast and it was set to rain 2 days before and the day of the party. I was stumped. I called a local place that I had previously booked Drew's party through and they never even canceled my reservation that I made months ago, so Drew's party was still down. They told me I had to make a decision by the next day (5 days out) whether to keep my reservation.
5 days!!! ...the weather changes hourly where we live.
But, I played it safe and decided to just have it elsewhere.
It was all about the WIPEOUT course and if I could not have that then I would have felt like I let Drew down.
It all worked out wonderfully though! Drew had a great great time and I think the adults even had a great time as well!

As for decor, I kept it simple.
I had Lauren Haddox Designs create some Wipeout printables for me. She worked with me before on Dylan's Oh TWOdles Party. I did not feel like really lifting a finger for this party, so I decided not to make my own this time.
She did a fantastic job and is so great to work with!
By keeping things simple we simply just had cake, cookies, and ice cream. Who says when you have a party you need to feed everyone a full blown meal?! That's not written in a book anywhere, is it??
I had one table of decor. Well, okay. Maybe a few more. I threw on tablecloths on the picnic tables for the kids and threw a simple centerpiece on that I literally made from foam coffee cups, a rock, tissue paper, and a printable. Ha. I also found blue and white chevron scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby that I used as a placemat for the kids tables.
My mother in law once again made the cookies and cupcakes for the party. Everyone always asks me if she is making the cake, so how could I ever let anyone else do this job??
The cookies were shaped in just a plain circle with red icing to look like the WIPEOUT balls.
I did not use the original printable cupcake toppers. Instead, I went to Hobby Lobby in search of something with a red ball on it. This party decor was all focused around the four red balls. I could not find a package of just red balls, so I decided to just use multi-colors. They turned out very cute.
I also re-used some yellow chalkboards that we just recently used for family pictures to leave some messages on the table.
Favors for the kids I wanted to keep simple as well. I just simply bought a package of red gumballs. I put four (of course) in plastic baggies and tied it up with the printables Lauren made for me.

I had had had to get the four big red balloons to put above the table. They were my favorite part. To add more than just a simple string, I clothespinned some streamers to the balloon to give it a little more decor.
That's a wrap on decor. I succeeded in keeping it simple and not spending a lot of money. Go ME!
The highlight of the party was of course the obstacle course. I ordered four red yoga balls off of Amazon and my mother brought four tires to set them in for the infamous WIPEOUT balls.
The course started out as the kids going down a slide, jumping on the red balls, onto a trampoline, and landing in a foam pit. They all had a blast. I tried to corral all the big kids together to time them in hopes they would win a prize. Yeh, that just did not work out. Ha.
Even the big big kids joined in on the fun. I think that our wipeouts were the best!

Overall the obstacle course was a success!!!
I heard Drew talking to one of his friend's at the party saying "This was the BEST birthday EVER!"
That comment made me soooo happy!!
I am so glad everyone had a good time! That was exactly what I wanted, everyone to have FUN!
I am really bad about forgetting to sing Happy Birthday at the parties. This time I remembered, but I think I was so concentrated on everything being in four's I only put four candles on his cake instead of six. Ha. Oopsie...
And I guess I bought trick candles too...Oopsie again! :)
It made for a good laugh and maybe some additional spit on the cake...
Thank you to everyone who came! We hope y'all had just as much fun as we did!
Wipeout Printables: Lauren Haddox Designs
Red Balloons/Cupcake Liners/Red Chevron Straws: Shop Sweet Lulu
Happy Birthday Sign/Cake Bunting: BooBahBlue Shop
Red Yoga Balls: Amazon
Yellow Chalkboards: Hobby Lobby (Painted Yellow)
Cupcake Topper Balls: Hobby Lobby


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