Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Recap

So, for the first time I won't be all sappy sappy on being a Mommy.

We all know by now how I feel about that. Ha.

Instead, I am just simply going to share some pictures that the husband took of the boys and I for Mother's Day.

I am a photo fanatic. I love it. I want pictures of everything, everyday, all the time.
It drives Justin crazy, so Justin of course was not too excited about my idea of him taking pictures for me. But I used the excuse "This is all I want for Mother's Day." It worked. :)

Then I had to work on the little guys. See, we had family pictures the other day and I left feeling like we got nothing. This was the night I was so upset with the boys (including husband).

So, I bribed them with Duke...


Best. Idea.Eva.

Justin got so many good pictures. His good picture to bad picture ratio was about...

ohhhhhh..... 1/3 turned out or were not blurry.

 Ha. Oh well, he is not the photographer in the fam.

He had specific instructions to just keep return I got this precious moment.

I love pure honest precious moments.

And my all time favorite of the day is the following...


This one is definitely a framer or a canvaser!

The kids were cracking up because Duke is scared to be outside so as Justin was leaning down on the ground to take pictures he hopped on his knee and crawled all the way up to his shoulder's for safety. Big shout out to Duke for helping capture this awesome photo!

I do love Mother's Day though. I used the excuse : "It's Mother's Day" a good 34 times Sunday. Including dragging all the boys to Antique Stores. Bahahahaha.

But the BEST thing is getting these little drawings from the boys...Oh.MY. Melt.My.Heart.

 After getting this sweet card from Drew above, I get this interview from Dylan...

He just does not know...

After this weekend...

The Baby Fever is back ON!

I'm sure it will be off again Thursday night once I am not watching Drew's ballgame because I am playing musical seats on the benches with Dylan.

Brista Barrington

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