Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wedding Month Begins {Bridal Shower}

This past weekend was my middle sister's bridal shower.
 Her wedding is exactly one month away!

We decided to keep things real simple with just flowers and food. Nothing else. No games. No horrid introducing yourself in front of everyone. Nada. Just lots of mingling and lots of eating!

I must say I prefer these kinds of parties over the stressful hard core planning ones!

Thank goodness we did not have any other decor we had brought besides the flowers because the florist messed up the colors. The green flowers were supposed to be a light blue. 
Oh well. 
Whatcha gonna do??

The food was fan-freakin-tabulous. The shower was quite early in the morning which meant total buffet of breakfast food!

The shower was a nice time!

This past month has made us all realize how life can be taken away from you in one second. Enjoy these special moments in your family's life no matter what!

from childhood memories to grownup dreams.

Brista Barrington

Thursday, July 18, 2013

All Star Drew

So, I am like one of the girliest girls ever. I do not like to be dirty. I do not like to sweat. I have to have make up on before I go into public. I do not like to be hot. It's ridic. Oddly enough I love Crossfit. Weird, huh? Never would I have thunk it.
Anywho-that's not what this post is about. Like I said I am super duper girly and what did God do? Bless me as a boy mom!!!
I love everything about it. I love all the fishing, wrestling, baseball, basketball, dirtiness, and even the bathroom trips where Daddy has to take the boys to the Men's restroom and Mama gets a little peaceful break. Ahhhh....
Drew's baseball season wrapped up a few weeks ago. He was lucky to get voted onto the All Star team.
These little guys are pretty good players. If they keep this up they are going to have an awesome team when they get older!

It's impossible to get a picture of the back of his shirt because our name is soooo long. So it was either Barringto or Arrington. Guess I better get used to that, huh?
The highlight out of ALL of the All Star Games and even the whole baseball season was when Drew walked onto that field as catcher.
His favorite player is Molina from the Cardinals, so he was dying to play catcher!
Well his dreams came true...
He was the happiest boy on Earth.
I love that he loves all things boy and sports. Even if it means I have to sweat it out on the side of the field to watch him play. It is all totally worth it.
Next up? Football.
Sports are like round the clock activities. There is always something.
Dylan starts Soccer this Fall. Oh lord help us all. I will definitely have to keep my video camera out more often with that child! :)
Brista Barrington

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Update on the Father: He has finally been moved to rehab in St. Louis. He is doing better. He can get his own shirt and pants on now. He can get up out of bed and pivot his way to the wheelchair. He still has to have someone standing there with him. But all I do is hold him in case he falls and he does all the work.

He does physical therapy and occupational therapy each day. He is determined to get better, so hopefully that makes it a quicker recovery process.

I have helped him do things I would have never thought I would be doing for him. I could barely sleep Monday night because I kept hearing him move around (and snore, ha). I was constantly waking up to look at him, like I do my children, to see if he is okay.

I came home yesterday afternoon and thought I would crash with no sleep, instead I was awake late just sitting there so worried about him.

It makes me so sad that he has to spend some of his nights there alone. I wish I could be there every single second for him. But I have to remember this is why he is in a place like this, so he can have the 24/7 care he needs.

I can not explain the feeling of looking at your Dad in a wheelchair. It literally breaks my heart to pieces. I can not explain the feeling of having to roll your Dad down the hall to breakfast. I can not explain the feeling of having to basically just take care of him.

But he has already come a far way since the accident and is only going to get better and better!

Whew..now as I wipe away my tears...

This past weekend the boys and I headed to Chicago with Justin for his AAU basketball. Well, he did basketball and we did downtown Chicago.

It was so hard to know I was not going to be at the hospital with Dad, but I knew my sister Brittany would be there most of the weekend and the room gets kind of crammed with lots of people there at the same time.

So, after talking to Dad about it first I decided to accompany the husband.

Saturday the boys and I slept in until 11 am. Can you say sleep deprived? My goodness I was exhausted. And my boys would sleep forever if they could. Thank you Lord for not blessing me with early morning risers! :)

Can't wait to recap the Chicago visit and edit the cutest little pictures I got of the boys downtown.
Oh my goodness...pure cuteness I tell ya!

In the meantime, if you have any type of anxiety-DO NOT RIDE THE FERRIS WHEEL!

I do not know how I attempted to get pictures of the boys, but I did...

We are so so so close to our Bahamas cruise I can taste it!

I pray for no more bad news until then. I can not handle anymore.

Brista Barrington

Thursday, July 11, 2013

So Surreal...

I can not believe tomorrow will be one week since Dad's accident.

Everything has been so surreal.

Thinking about it still makes me sick. Talking to people about it when people ask still makes me cry. I can't help it. He's my Dad. Never would have I ever imagined something like this would happen to my family.

I tell my sister's all the time when we argue & bicker: "Something bad is going to happen and we need to be sure we are all getting along."

Last Friday night we were at a birthday party. The kids were having a blast. In fact, Drew passed the swim test to be able to jump off the diving boards in the deep end. So proud of him.

Sometimes, do you ever get in those moods where you just want to throw your phone away and not answer any calls and texts? I do. I happened to be in that mood Friday night. I left my phone in the swimming bag with the kids stuff. I wanted nothing to do with it on the way home.

We got home from the party and I was getting ready for bed. I asked Justin to get my phone out of the car. As I was in my closet changing, I hear him say "Kerri (my step-mom) is taking your Dad to the hospital."

My first thought was that he had a heart attack. I immediately called her. She said he had been in an accident at his farm and was being life flighted.

I could not tell you what I did in the moment. All I remember is being numb. I could not feel my legs. Or maybe I could because they were shaking. I yelled at Justin that we had to go NOW--my Dad was hurt.

One of the worst phone calls of my life. A phone call I never wish upon anyone. I honestly do not even think I cried at that moment. It was not until we got into the car to start driving that I lost it. Justin had called his Mom to tell her and I just put my head in my hands and starting balling.

On the way to drop the kids off at my Mom's. Drew heard me crying, so he started crying asking if Grandpa was dead. At this point I had no idea how serious it was. I was just imagining the worst.

What did I say to him last? Did I tell him I love him? What would I do without him? Drives my Mom crazy, but I have always been a Daddy's girl. I just have.

We live about two hours away from where they life flighted him. It was the longest and the most quiet ride ever. I was just sick to my stomach.

Finally, I got a hold of my step-mom and just cried "is he going to make it?" She re-assured me he would.

We got to the hospital and I went straight back to him. He was out of it. He was in so much pain. It was unbearable to watch him. I remember holding his hand telling him to squeeze it if he needed to.

Never would I have ever imagined I would be sitting next to his bed while he was covered in abrasions in so much pain holding his hand praying that he would be okay.

It truly is an indescribable feeling. One I never wish to experience again with any members of my family.

He broke his leg above and below his knee. He also broke his arm. He has abrasions on his body. He hit his head but the Doctor re-assured that he had no head trauma. Praise the Lord.

It could have been a whole lot worse. His friends he was with went to get the vehicle that he crashed. They said basically the tree he hit saved his life. If he hadn't hit that tree he probably would have went spiraling down 15 feet. Sickening.

We were supposed to spend the day at the farm with him the next day. I do not know what I would have done if I was there during the accident. Thank God, I was not.

Thank goodness for his friends too who got the tire off of him that had him pinned down. They also drove my step-mother to the hospital since she could not ride in the helicopter with my Dad.

Saturday morning he had surgery. Thankfully, they fixed his arm the same time they fixed his leg in one surgery. He is basically put together by rods and screws. He has a rod all throughout his leg with some screws. And some screws and some other hardware as well in his arm.

It has been a long week. I never would have thought I would be helping my Dad out the way I have his past week. He started physical therapy at the hospital just a day after the surgery. He is still in some pain, but is working toward getting better and better each day.

Dylan went to the hospital with me last night. We heard the helicopter coming in and watched out the window. So scary thinking that was My Dad less than a week ago.

It is going to be a tough long road ahead of him. He hopefully "fingers crossed" should be headed to rehabilitation (he says for us to call it that because rehab sounds like he is on drugs or something, ha) tomorrow in St. Louis. But we have been saying that since Tuesday. But this time I am really hoping for tomorrow.

He will get 24/7 care there. He is supposed to be wheelchair to bed bound for a month. His breaks are on opposite sides which make it difficult to walk or hold himself up. He basically has to learn to walk again. I do not know if it is going to be longer than a month or shorter than a month before he can leave rehab. Then he will need help at home for awhile.

I am just ready for him to get settled into rehab so we know some more answers and some more of a time line.

If you ask him, he says he will be better sooner rather than later. He needs to keep that motivation and those thoughts in his head.

I pray for a speedy recovery! He has to walk my sister down the aisle for her August wedding!

I do not know if that will happen though. He may be in a wheelchair for it. But at least he is here. He is ALIVE. And he is just going to get better and better each day.

Thank you all so so so much for your thoughts and prayers. The people who have messaged me and called me just to check on him and me have been beyond amazing. I have some amazing friends and family I tell ya.

I also have to say...always remember to tell your family you love them. You really never ever know when something could happen. My Dad is a very "oh, I will be okay. Nothing will happen" kind of guy. It happened out of no where. He has been riding ATV's for a long time. It happened on a normal busy working/birthday party kind of day of mine. You just truly never know...

Love you Daddy'O! This is your one time in life you can scare the shit out of me. No more. :)

Brista Barrington

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Life Lately...

I kinda like this Life Lately I have been doing. It's going to be a great way to look back on and remember these awesome times!
Drew wrapped up his baseball season last week. He made the All Star team, however, both games have been rained out, so fingers crossed he gets to play tomorrow! He is going to be so bummed if they are all canceled!
Drew has also learned to ride his bike without training wheels! Yay!! Him and I only really worked on it a couple of times, so I was totally surprised when he just took off on his bike!!
I feel like more often than not I take pictures of Dylan napping. He is the only child who still naps, however, I woke up the other morning and sat staring at Drew in bed for a good 10 minutes. He just looks so peaceful and innocent. Precious child he is.
Dylan has taken up an obsession with fishing. He carries around his fishing pole all.the.time. He wants to fish all.the.time.  He woke up first thing this morning and said "Ooh, Mom, I gotta get my fishing pole." Then proceeded to lay and watch cartoons as he was holding it like a teddy bear.
He does not really have as many crazy adventures anymore such as painting the walls or carpet, however, he still keeps us laughing at all times. He seriously is the most ornery child I have ever met. My little spitfire.
Last week, I headed out with my girlfriends for our second country music concert this summer, Kenny Chesney! Woo hoo! To say we had a blast is an understatement. Always love my girl trips. Every Mommy needs a girls trip every now and then. So glad I finally got over leaving the kids to enjoy my alone time!
We seriously had a such a great time.
I had a four day weekend last weekend, however, once I got home from the concert I think I stayed in the same clothes all weekend. I love those kinds of weekends. I was addicted to the Lifetime Movie Network for whatever reason. Drew had a play date with a friend. It was just a nice relaxing do nothing kind of weekend.
However, Duke had a little spill. We usually let him outside to play while we are outside playing with the kids. Duke decided he would climb a tree. While Justin was outside looking for him he heard a thud and Duke had fallen from the tree.
He was hurt. Badly. He laid around all day long, sleeping. I seriously think he may of had a concussion. If cats can get them, he had it. But now he is up back to his normal attacking your feet kind of spaz cat!
One more month until this wife and husband head out on our first couples vacation together!
I am excited and nervous all wrapped into one!! I am trying not to let my nerves get the best of me so I can be sure to have a good trip and not travel like I normally do spending my time with my head in the toilet. Ha.
Hope everyone has a great and safe 4th of July Holiday!!!
Brista Barrington