Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Update on the Father: He has finally been moved to rehab in St. Louis. He is doing better. He can get his own shirt and pants on now. He can get up out of bed and pivot his way to the wheelchair. He still has to have someone standing there with him. But all I do is hold him in case he falls and he does all the work.

He does physical therapy and occupational therapy each day. He is determined to get better, so hopefully that makes it a quicker recovery process.

I have helped him do things I would have never thought I would be doing for him. I could barely sleep Monday night because I kept hearing him move around (and snore, ha). I was constantly waking up to look at him, like I do my children, to see if he is okay.

I came home yesterday afternoon and thought I would crash with no sleep, instead I was awake late just sitting there so worried about him.

It makes me so sad that he has to spend some of his nights there alone. I wish I could be there every single second for him. But I have to remember this is why he is in a place like this, so he can have the 24/7 care he needs.

I can not explain the feeling of looking at your Dad in a wheelchair. It literally breaks my heart to pieces. I can not explain the feeling of having to roll your Dad down the hall to breakfast. I can not explain the feeling of having to basically just take care of him.

But he has already come a far way since the accident and is only going to get better and better! as I wipe away my tears...

This past weekend the boys and I headed to Chicago with Justin for his AAU basketball. Well, he did basketball and we did downtown Chicago.

It was so hard to know I was not going to be at the hospital with Dad, but I knew my sister Brittany would be there most of the weekend and the room gets kind of crammed with lots of people there at the same time.

So, after talking to Dad about it first I decided to accompany the husband.

Saturday the boys and I slept in until 11 am. Can you say sleep deprived? My goodness I was exhausted. And my boys would sleep forever if they could. Thank you Lord for not blessing me with early morning risers! :)

Can't wait to recap the Chicago visit and edit the cutest little pictures I got of the boys downtown.
Oh my goodness...pure cuteness I tell ya!

In the meantime, if you have any type of anxiety-DO NOT RIDE THE FERRIS WHEEL!

I do not know how I attempted to get pictures of the boys, but I did...

We are so so so close to our Bahamas cruise I can taste it!

I pray for no more bad news until then. I can not handle anymore.

Brista Barrington

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