Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wedding Month Begins {Bridal Shower}

This past weekend was my middle sister's bridal shower.
 Her wedding is exactly one month away!

We decided to keep things real simple with just flowers and food. Nothing else. No games. No horrid introducing yourself in front of everyone. Nada. Just lots of mingling and lots of eating!

I must say I prefer these kinds of parties over the stressful hard core planning ones!

Thank goodness we did not have any other decor we had brought besides the flowers because the florist messed up the colors. The green flowers were supposed to be a light blue. 
Oh well. 
Whatcha gonna do??

The food was fan-freakin-tabulous. The shower was quite early in the morning which meant total buffet of breakfast food!

The shower was a nice time!

This past month has made us all realize how life can be taken away from you in one second. Enjoy these special moments in your family's life no matter what!

from childhood memories to grownup dreams.

Brista Barrington

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