Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dylan's 1st Day of Pre-K

The other day Dylan's teacher did a home visit. One of the questions she asked was 

"Dylan, what do you do when you are hungry?"

His response, finally after hiding his face for a few minutes, was to look at me and say
 "I eat your face."

Really child? This kid, I tell you. He loves loves loves to make us laugh by all his silly comments he makes. They make no sense. Ever. And he knows that, but it makes us laugh so he does it.

It wasn't until recently that I thought, maybe we should not laugh at him anymore about this because he is going to go to school and tell another child he is going to "eat their face" and they are going to get upset and then go home and tell their Mommy and then you know where that goes.

So, we are trying to put a stop to the ornery little sayings he has been saying, even if I know it is harmless. Mothers can be crazy if they find out another child at school is saying they are going to eat their child. I know I would be knocking the Principal's door down.

However, I was worried about him last year and he was amazing at school, so I know in my heart that he is going to be just fine this year too. 

What else are mothers supposed to do besides worry about their children 24/7.

This morning was his first day of his second year in Pre-K. 
To say he was excited is an understatement. He wanted NOTHING to do with picture taking. He wanted to be at that school in the classroom with his teacher.

Come on Dylan! Give me a little bit of a smile when your eyes are not so squinted!

Eh. Mommy does not want that string on there anymore. Let's just take that thing off.

Or how about let's give a smile but not look at the camera. Ya know, that's always cool.

Oh okay. Here's a real smile as Drew photbombs the picture.

Or how about a little dance?

Fine Mommy. I'll give a little bit of a decent picture.

I gave up.

We got in the car and headed to take Drew to school.

This year Pre-K was moved to the regular grade school. Which is so exciting! So as I was dropping Drew off at the door he says "Come on Dylan! You can walk in with me!" and tries to take his hand. Dylan was all about it. He was about to jump out of the car with Drew. However, Dylan's drop off time is not the same time as Drew's. Drew was bummed.

They both are so excited to be at the same school. Their classes are literally just feet away from each other. They could not wait to see each other in the hallways.

So with a little bit more bribery as we waited for the doors to unlock for Pre-K, I got a few more pictures.

Kind of.

Here Mom! You want a smile? You gotta smile!

This time he gave me an ultimatum. If he could put the sign up and take his backpack off he would take a picture. So hallelujah, I got one! Even if he is not holding his cute little sign up.

Once I got him all settled (and by settled I mean him not even caring if I am leaving the room or not), I headed out to leave my nugget. He seriously did not have a care in the world. NOTHING like last year where he cried and cried.

While I was in the hallway lo and behold, Drew rounded the corner. It was like we both were shocked to see each other and ran toward one another for hugs. He was doing big 1st grader duties and taking the lunch count to the cafeteria for his teacher. He looked so big. I can not even explain. My goodness. Eeeek.

I just love my kids. I could seriously talk about them all day if someone didn't just shut me up.

Dylan had a great 1st day he said.

And I didn't get any kind of note saying he was going to eat someone.

But really...look at this mean face.
 After all this picture taking this morning he probably really wanted to eat my face. :)

Brista Barrington

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School {Drew's 1st Day of 1st Grade}

It's back to school time around our parts!!!

Last year, I was a complete wreck. I was beyond a wreck I think if you ask those around me. I was sending Drew off to Kindergarten. Not only that but my boy had only been to a 1/2 day Pre-School and no day cares before that. And on top of that, I was sending my kids to a totally new school district out of my comfort zone that I knew nothing about. Talk about stressed.

This year?!?! Easy peasy.

I think he was more nervous than I was actually. I was sitting on the side of his bed before bed the night before and in all seriousness he says:
"Mom, I am really excited about school, but I am also really nervous." 
This was his first year without his best friend, Parker. These two are inseparable. So it was going to be a big adjustment for him. 

I explained that they could find each other on the playground at recess. This sort of calmed his nerves, but he was still quite nervous when he woke up.

But never fear! Mommy is here to take loads of pictures! :)
 In the middle of picture taking I get this look...

So without further ado, here is the bombardment of pictures, once again.

And my personal favorite..

Gosh, he just has seriously gotten so big within the last year. I am just amazed at the little boy he has become and how much confidence I have in him to do well in school and do what is right.
I think that really did help calm my nerves about sending him off to 1st grade.
He is an amazing little kid.

I didn't even shed one tear this year. Instead, I was just super proud of him.

Look at how much he changed within a year.

He had a GREAT 1st day. He told me the story how he found Parker on the playground and to me it sounds like they ran into each other's arms! Ha.

Next week Dylan starts his second year of pre-school. At orientation he walked in like big man on campus that ruled the school.
Pray for his teacher.


1st Day of School Printables by: Jessica at OhSoPrintable

Brista Barrington

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Here Fishy Fishy...

Oh Dear Dylan,

My crazy, wild, hilarious son. What would I do without you?!
And how in the world are you about to be FOUR years old.
Just seems so impossible.

I am about to be a mother of a SIX and FOUR year old. 
Where in the heck does the time go? Fo real.

I have asked you many times what you want for your birthday.
Here is your response:

1. Black Cat
2. Dog
3. BB Gun of my own like Drew's
4. Bow and Arrow of my own like Drew's.

When I tell you none of those are going to happen and name something else you simply say:

"That's it. That is all that I want."

Son, I am afraid that you just might become disappointed on your birthday. Negative to another cat. We have one spazzo cat already. Big fat negative to a dog. We tried that. Never again. One BB gun is enough for this household. And well, you just aren't getting another bow and arrow.

So...what are we going to get your little fishing obsessed self?


See, I am the type of Mom who does not just leave presents for Birthdays and Christmases. I get my kids things all the time and then when these important times come I can not think of a thing to get them because they have EVERYTHING!!!

So...I thought about getting him his own little aquarium of fish for his bedroom. However, we do have a spazzo cat and I am scared I might walk into his room one day with Nemo hanging out of Duke's mouth.

Then I thought a tee-pee. He LOVES these types of things and is always wanting to get our blow up jungle gym thingy out. However, there is just not enough room in our house.

I seriously am at a loss. I cannot think of anything.

So, as I rattle my brain for ideas on presents, I am also rattling my brain for ideas on his birthday party. 

Yes. I am having a party.
 I said I was not going to do it, but when I told him that, the response was the saddest little pitiful face I had ever seen. He wants his birthday party at Grandpa Bruce's, so I'm sucking it up and planning another party. FISH FRY style.

So dear child, give me some more ideas for presents!!!

Normal, realistic things...
But again, normal is something you are definitely not and that my son is why I am obsessed with YOU!
Brista Barrington

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I spent the night with my favorite guy...

Last night?! 
My goodness. 
Favorite. Cardinals. Game. Ever!

I have never been more excited for a professional baseball game in my life. 

NELLY night at the Cardinal Stadium, say what?!

Well heck ya, the #1 fan was going to be there!

I was already bummed because I had to miss not only ONE but TWO concerts he had close to home because we were on our cruise. I would be lying if I said I did not consider canceling the trip just to see him. However, I knew the husband would not like it. Ba-hum-bug.

I guess since I thought I was in STL I would have to fight for a bobble head, so literally I was dragging Drew through the crowd to get the thing.You had to purchase a special ticket to get the bobble head, well to my disappointment, this did not include our season tickets. So..yep, you guessed it. I purchased a whole separate ticket.

 Gosh, I seriously have problems. I sound like a stalker.

But really people, I am obsessed with him.

When he came out and they started playing his music...
Oh my goodness..
I looked at my husband with my eyes lit like I was about to jump up and down like a little school girl at a Justin Bieber concert.
He just looked at me and shook his head in embarrassment.

It was ALL Nelly, ALL night long. It was fan-freakin-amazeballs.

It's the longest I have ever wanted to stay at a game!! ;)

Of course, my little nuggets tagged along and stayed busy eating peanuts, hot dogs, and ice cream treats.

Can they seriously have a Nelly night every season?  

Brista Barrington